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15 USD
Maple Hts. , Ohio

Inside Mic Rods

Inside Mic Rods

Metal Fabricating Auction Surplus

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 558
Venue Address
5446 Dunham Rd.
Maple Hts.
United States

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Important Information

Metal Fabricating Auction
Surplus to the on continuing needs of
A-1 Manufacturing, 5446 Dunham Rd. Maple Hts., Ohio 44137
Outstanding, well maintained machinery, tooling, pallet racking,lift truck, shop support items.
Mitsubishi model 3015 IXP Laser, ( 1997) 60" x 120" work area w/Mitsubishi controls,Accupress 80 ton hydraulic press brake, Pexto power rolls, Excellent 1 hp. Bridgeport mill, 1 Hp Bridgeport Mill, ( very little use), 25 hp. Torrit dust collector,Pyramid rolls, old and still functioning nice ring roller,Miller model #251 250 Amp Mig welder, Miller Model #252  250 Amp Mig welder, (3) welding platforms, large qty nice pallet racking, drills, taps, reamers, end mills, Kurt type vises,12" Troyke rotary table, 1" rotary table, dividing head, Amada TEG-160 Es punch & Die grinder, Holdridege Model 8 D Radii cutter ( like new), Atco Punch Mate punch grinder, new press brake tooling,  hand and power tools, magnetic base drill, drill press, steel horses, work tables, shelving, cabinets, large quantity of new material, Oxy acetylene set, TCM 3000# capacity lift truck with side shift,dump hopper, 2000#  pallet jack, 12" disc sander, (2) Kalamazoo belt sanders, (7) 12' x 48" x 12" high w/5 shelves, newer 25 hp. rotary vane air compressor, dump hopper, press brake tooling, cast iron surface plate, 9001 ISO compliant Height gages, calipers, granite plate, large qty of punch and die tooling, louver dies, new press brake tooling,(9) 4 drawer files, blueprint file, maintenance items, work tables, rolling carts, sheet metal,aluminum diamond plate, small tool boxes,2 door cabinets,shop support items,usable and scrap metal, office desks and chairs, 
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Jeff Bub Auctioneer, Mike Dinse auctioneer, Tiffany Lucarelli apprentice auctioneer 



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