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2004 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Stakebed Truck, Regular Cab, DRW, 8L V8, 1,500-Lb Capacity Maxon Liftgate, 263,213 Miles, VIN: 1GBJC34G54E205279

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 W/T Pickup Truck, Regular Cab, 188,387 Miles, VIN: 1GCNCPEX8BZ231738; With Ladder Rack

Pandjiris Model 72E 6-36 External Seam Welder, S/N NA; w/Miller Invision 456P DC Inverter Arc Welder, S/N LA121660 (2000); w/Miller Coolmate 3 Coo...

Wysong Model C-60 Pyramid Plate Bending Roll, 10 Gauge Capacity, S/N PR12-157 (Rigger Required For Removal)

Custom Built Sheet Roll Lifter (Used w/Both Plate Bending Roll Machines)

Chicago Dreis & Krump Model 1012-R 150-Ton x 12' Press Brake, S/N L-17705 (Bad Cylinder Guides/Bushings) (Rigger Required For Removal)

Chicago Dreis & Krump 10' Press Brake, Model & S/N NA; w/(3) Work Tables & Tooling (Rigger Required For Removal)

Cincinnati 9-Series 10' Press Brake, S/N 35544 (Bearings Shot, Bad Clutch, Not Functional) (Rigger Required For Removal)

Chicago Dreis & Krump Model 56-A SP 6' x 14 Gauge 30-Ton Press Brake, S/N L-10338 (Rigger Required For Removal)

Wysong Hydraulic Power Squaring Shear, Approximately 10' x 3/16", Model & S/N NA (Rigger Required For Removal)

Plasma Cutting Table; w/Esab Heath CXS 66 HS Shape Cutter, S/N H8455, Optical Silhouette Not Functional; w/Burny 3 CNC Control; w/Thermal Dynamics...

Bewo Scotchman Model 350 LT Miter Capable Cold Saw, S/N 38115175; w/(1) 9' Roller Conveyor & (1) 4' Roller Conveyor

Dewalt Model GL Radial Arm Saw, S/N 928

Lennox Model TE-250 Tru-Edge MetlMastr Nibbler, S/N L-1302

Lockformer Cleatformer, 22 Gauge Capacity, S/N 8518

Lockformer Cleatformer, 20 Gauge Capacity, S/N 9BL525

Engel Model M-1240 12-Station Lockformer, S/N 6-706

Lot 22


Lockformer, Make, Model, Capacity & S/N NA

Lockformer, 20 Gauge Capacity, S/N SC153

Chicago Model S-818 8' x 18 Gauge Apron Brake, S/N 302740

Niagara Model 180 Power Rotary Machine, 16, 14 & 12 Gauge Capacity, S/N 73253

Ingles Electric Machine Corp. Power Rotary Machine, Model, Capacity & S/N NA

Craftsman Pedestal Drill Press, Model & S/N NA; w/Machinist Vise

Shop Built Cutting Station w/Black & Decker 14" Heavy Duty Chop Saw

Lot 30

Ruoff Notcher

Ruoff Notcher, Model NA, S/N 1303B

Baldor Model 170-B Dual Pedestal Grinder, 3 HP, S/N T9300

Grob Vertical Bandsaw, 18" Throat, 24" x 24" Table, Model & S/N NA; w/Blade Welder

Shop Built H-Frame Press 15-Ton Capacity

Lot Consisting of 2 HaulMaster Hydraulic Table Carts, 1,000-Lb Capacity

Lockformer EZ Edger, 18 Gauge Capacity, S/N F1898

Lockformer Cleatformer, 16 Gauge Capacity, S/N 2164

Alva Allen Model BT-5 5-Ton Mechanical OBI Punch Press, S/N NA

Lot 38

Hem Roller

Hem Roller, Make, Model & S/N NA

Lockformer Power Flanger, 20 Gauge Capacity, S/N BPF107

Wiedemann Machine Co. Model R2 5-Ton Turret Punch Press, S/N 893

Maico Blast Cabinet, Model & S/N NA; w/Blast Pot

Woods Model P1FS10T04DC2 Powr-Grip Vacuum Lift, 600-Lb Capacity, S/N 20150193 (2015); w/Batteries, Charger & Accessories

Lot of Bilco Ladder-Up Safety Posts, (2) Unopened Boxes & (2) Loose Posts; w/Cart

R. E. Smith Manufacturing Model 2036VP Power Operated Cleat Bender, S/N R0719731475

Lot Consisting of 2 Shop Built Portable Power Distribution Stations

Niagara Model No. 331 Sheet Roller/Bender, S/N NA

36" Manual Brake, Make, Model & S/N NA

Everett Industries Model 14-16 Chop Saw, S/N 4-3469

26" Manual Finger Brake, Make, Model & S/N NA

Dayton Model 13W882 36" Slip Roll, S/N C18100503 (2018)

Delta Model 17-950L Pedestal Drill Press, 18" x 14" Table, S/N 011865W6030

Lot Consisting of WA Whitney Model 610-069 Corner Notcher, 18-Ton Capacity, S/N 610-069-13554 & WA Whitney Model 606052 Notcher, 18-Ton Capacity, ...

Walker Turner Radial Arm Saw, Model & S/N NA (Condition Unknown)

Lot of (1) Ridgid Model No. 40A Tri-Stand & (1) Pexto Throatless Pedestal Shear

Miller Model CP-300 Constant Voltage Arc Welding Power Source, S/N JJ471438 (1988); w/Miller Model S-52A Wire Feed, S/N KA811079 & Boom Cart

Miller Millermatic 175 Welder, S/N LC130811 (2002)

Miller Model Millermatic Challenger 172 Wire Welder, S/N LB135989 (2001); w/Cart (Note States "Did Not Repair")

Miller Model Millermatic 200 CV-DC Arc Welding Power Source, S/N KA897566 (1990)

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