World Class Prototype Rollform , CNC, Stamping and welding for Design , build and short run prototype structural parts
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New Baltimore, Michigan
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  • Ended Oct 20, 2020 11:56am ET (4:56pm BST)

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51751 County Line Road New Baltimore, Michigan 48047 United States

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Steel Support shop table 15" x 81" x 32" high ...[more]

Metal parts carousel parts bid and contents of nuts and bolts ...[more]

2 door metal cabinet and contents of emery clothe, abraisives, bearings, Cabinet is 6' tall, ...[more]

2 door Metal Cabinet. 5-1/2 ' tall with contents,Misc shop support contents ...[more]

2 door metal cabinet and contents41" tall  ...[more]

lot of misc shop supplies, CD radio portable player,nut and bolts bin and contents, stamps, black & Deckerelectric drill, Riged 24" crecent wrench...

Lot of little Giant die set and box ...[more]

Lot of Metal "C" clamps of various size's and Adjustable clamps.  ...[more]

Lot of (2) 6 bulb florescent lights ...[more]

Lot of Misc hand tools, various tools ...[more]

12" Rigid Electric chop saw with extra saw blade ...[more]

Ryobi 10" electric table saw.Table top mounted. portable ...[more]

Chicago Electric Heavy Duty Sawzall Reciprocating saw with carry case ...[more]

Milwaukee cordless battery operated model M-12 auto caulk gun. with charging stand.  ...[more]

Lot of Misc Pneumatic Hand tools . One lot  ...[more]

Kennedy 11 Drawer Metal Tool Chest and Contents, style 52-226054, 11 Drawer, with wood stand as one lot.  ...[more]

Lot 22

Metal scrap

Misc metal scrap. one lot.  ...[more]

Lot of (2) plastic rolling carts, 25" x36" x 34" high,  ...[more]

Lot of various gage fixture holders. sold Aluminum, various size averate 1" thick stock.  ...[more]

Lot of steel Work tables, (1) 36" x8" x 38" tall, (1) 2' x 6" x 40" tall, (1) 24" x 36" x 37" tall, (2) steel racks, one lot for all .  ...[more]

Lot of Aluminum base plates ...[more]

6" Central machine double end pedestal grinder ,110 Volts ...[more]

Lot 32

Emty lot

Empty lot ...[more]

Makita Model LS-1000 Miter saw 115v, with a work mate work bench ...[more]

Lot of (2) wilton Machine vises and one Bench mount Vise,(green) lot of 3 ...[more]

Lot 35

lot of (2)

lot of two ...[more]

lot of (2) kurt Machine vises. Model D675 & D6868   ...[more]

Lot 38

lot of drills

Lot of Various drills ...[more]

lot of  consisting of Table and contents, tool holders, collets, Taps, Set of rubber flex collets one lot, ...[more]

wood shop table 4'x 8' x 35" high , ...[more]

self dumping hopper and scrap contents. 3' x 5' x 39" tall. aprox dimensions ...[more]

Acme Transformer Catalog TP1-53344-3s, 75KVA, large multi purpose transformer ...[more]

EGS heavy duty Sheilded General purpose Transformer Cat # T5H30s, 30 KVA ...[more]

Lot of machine position slides. Box ...[more]

Black Granite Surface plate Quality control manf, with metal stand. 3' x 5' x 5" thick ...[more]

Sand blast box with foot pedal controls. ...[more]

Enerpac Hyd H Frame Shop press Ajustable frame ...[more]

Lot 53

hand dolly

Hand Dolly ...[more]

U-line portable banding cart and support tools ...[more]

Lot of new cardboard & shipping supplies, U line tags, U-line Box stapler, and carton of new staples. ...[more]

First Aide shop kit, wall mount. with contents. No warranty of contents ...[more]

30" Jones & Lamson Model FC-30, optical comparator  with Reflection Attachment, serial no. F22976, ...[more]

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