(1) Wysong 1010-RD Shear- 10’x10 gauge cap, 60 spm, 24” back gauge, s/n- PR2-735

In Oneto Manufacturing

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(1) Wysong 1010-RD Shear- 10’x10 gauge cap, 60 spm, 24” back gauge, s/n- PR2-735
4,000 USD
South San Francisco, California

Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc

(1) Wysong 1010-RD Shear- 10’x10 gauge cap, 60 spm, 24” back gauge, s/n- PR2-735


Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc
(1) Wysong 1010-RD Shear- 10’x10 gauge cap, 60 spm, 24” back gauge, s/n- PR2-735

Oneto Manufacturing

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For rigging we suggest, Auto Express Rigging Services (415) 846-2262 or Dunkel Logistics Machinery Moving & Rigging Phone: 510-226-9050 24 Hour Dispatch: 510-520-7841

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