Paper Tissue Making equipment, Pulper, Refiner,Screens & Filters, Production Support Equipment & Facility & Electrical Equipment
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Lot 101

Roll Pusher

Easy Mover pneumatic paper roll pusher, model P1250B, s/n 35244, 20 tons capacity @ 82ft/min, 85psi with 2640lbs applied force ...[more]

Acoustic System mobile booth with (1) Audiometer series II, model 5000B type 4, s/n 01596 ...[more]

[Lot] Reliance Electric Automax DCS parts, 16 slots rack with (5) card modules including (2) 6011 processor 57C431A, (1) 115 output 57C403, (1) 60...

Lot 104

Chain Hoists

Dayton electric chain hoist, model 3YB74H, 1/2 ton capacity, 15' lift, s/n GJMA0010FF, GJMA0021S ...[more]

[Lot] Wire felt controllers, including (3) Voith thune wire guide, (3) Dmagic VBTCM-Temco consistency meter magic V, (4) pulse generator parts, (2...

Lot 106

AC Drive

AB 200 hp AC drive, 480 vac input, 248A output, model 20F-1AND248AN0NNNNN

AB solid state motor controller, 420A, 200-480 vac/100-240 vac, 50/60 hz, model SMC50 ...[more]

Lot 108

AC Drive

AB 125 hp AC drive, 342-528v, 170A, 3ph, model 22C-D170A103

Rosemount remote mount magnetic flow transmitter, model 8712E ...[more]

[Lot] (2) Rosemount series 3051 pressure & (1) 1199 level transitter ...[more]

[Lot] Process instruments including series 644 temperature & 3051 pressure transmitters plus (1) Teco 52014 flow tube-ceramic lining/platinum ele...

[Lot] Process instruments including (3) flowlines remote level controls, (2) Floats, (1) Rosemount 644H, (2) Magnetrol level controls, (1) Yokogaw...

[Lot] Process instruments including Dwyer, Fishers, Magtech, ABB, Flowserve ( 2 pallets)

[Lot] AB automation & electrical parts, including PLC module cards, relays, circuit breakers, rectifier stalk, switches, AC drives, motor controll...

Lot 115

Electric Motors

Leeson washguard electric motors from 1/2 to 3hp, 208-230/460v, 3ph, TEFL

Lot 116

Electric Motors

[Lot] 3 & 5 hp Electric motors including (3) Baldors, (1) US Motors ...[more]

Lot 117


Summet centrifugal pumps, 10hp/3600rpm, 1.5x3-5A, 316ss, 230/460v, 3ph/60hz

Lot 118

Metering Pumps

[Lot] Milton Roy 20 metering pumps

Lot 119

Electric Motors

[Lot] (12) Assorted electric motors from 1/3 to 5hp

[Lot] Pumps including (2) Gould centrifugal MCS-1 x 1-1/4-6, G&L series, (1) Dayton 2hp effluent pump ...[more]

Gould centrifugal pumps MTX pull out parts, model 3196, with power endframe & backplate ...[more]

Gould centrifugal pumps MT & MTX, model 3196 ...[more]

Gould centrifugal pumps MTX pull out parts, model 3196, with power endframe & backplate ...[more]

Lot 124


[Lot] Assorted valves including stainless & brass gate, ball valves, plus water meters, (2 pallets) ...[more]

Lot 125

PVC Valves

[Lot] PVC Valves, including Chemtrol 1-1/2 to 2", hayward basket fil II, (2) ball valve sensor assembly, (3 pallets)

[Lot] Electrical/automation parts, including reliance automax module cards/boards, digital displays/read out & controls, relays, switches, breaker...

Ebara 3 hp fluid handling submersible pumps, model EVMV3-9F0300T3S

Emerson flanged magnetic flow tube, model 8705

Endress + Hauser coriolis flowmeter, model Promass 80 A

Rosemount slurry magnetic flow tube, model 8707

Rosemount inline pressure transmitter, model 3051 ...[more]

Lot 132

Inverter Drive

Toshiba tosvert inverter drive, approx 30 hp, model 130G2+

Lot 133

Gas Regulators

[Lot] (3) Sensus large capacity gas regulators, model 2SCRD-243-12 ...[more]

Lot 134

Fans & Blowers

[Lot] Fans & blowers including (1) Dayton 1hp 4C108, (2) ACI 6460, (1) Tasco, plus (1) dust collector ...[more]

Eaton 2-sections switchboard cabinet, 2500A, model SPX0785093, with (3) L630H Pow R line PKLC 630a, 480/277v breaker switches, (2) HKD65K 300A plu...

Comer 153" dry crepe paper machine, including head box, forming table, wet end press side, 12'dia Yankee dryer with dual Aerotherm hot air gas fir...

Vacuum suction roller with gear drives, with blade doctors system

Lot 139

PM6 Winder

Beloit 144" winder from roll ejector, slitter, core shaft puller and cradle with associated gear drives with PM6 Beloit roll reel/rewinder section...

Operator control station for winder with panel view and switches

Lot 142

Roll Wrapper

Orion RW-44 12' diameter carousel roll wrapping system with semi-automatic stretch wrapper, PLC controls (Note: Buyer will replace/cover hole on t...

Lot 143

Belly Wrapper

Belly wrapper, approx 12' wide with associated gear drives and control switch

Lot 144

PM5 Headbox

Headbox with suction breast roll included (NOTE : HEADBOX have holes cut in front as shown)

Lot 145

PM5 Fourdrineir

Fourdrineir table section with associated nitrile and ceramic gravity foil, flatbox, forming board, wire rollers , gear drives

144" wide Wet crepe paper machine section including 12'dia Yankee drier, from wet and dry press section, vacuum suction roll end plus doctor blade...

Lot 147

PM5 Hood System

Hood system including dual Ahlstrom vertical hot air gas fired blowers, 4,000 CFM X 800 F burner, wet and dry end control, associated ducting ......

Approx 100 to 150 hp suction roll gear motor

Approx 12' x 24' footprint after dryer section with 6 dryer rollers associated drives and rollers within the bottom pit

Lot 150

PM5 Scanner

ABB scanner, (INCOMPLETE) with associated control panels in control room, (Note: no nuclear, some missing parts on the head section as shown)

Paprima stainless steel UHP water jet 144" slitter, 6 head, AB Panel View 1250, (Note: no heads and main drive)

Roll reel section to James Brinkley core pusher system, associated drives and control ...[more]

Lot 153

PM5 Hoist

Shaw Box 5 hp Crane hoist with 5 ton capacity spreader beam (NOTE: LATE DELIVERY, buyer will be informed when ready)

Lot 154

PM6 Hoist

Shaw Box 5 hp crane hoist with 5cton capacity spreader beam, (NOTE: LATE DELIVERY , buyer will be informed when ready)

Lot 156

Reel Scanner

(New) Honeywell Experion MX scanner with chiller unit, 8 boxes of associated parts as shown on the photo, radioactive system available for shippin...

Modular main control station with glass and steel frame enclosure, electrical /electronic controllers / switches, climate control ducting , 2 doo...

Lot 159


Beloit model DD4000-4324 refiner with 350hp /710rpm drive motor, operator switch control,

Lot 160

Pressure Screen

1978 Voith 48" pressure screen with 125 HP Marathon drive

Kadant Petax 8004, s/n 2301770-01, (5) disc fine screen filtration system with 10hp gear drive, 2 reject pumps

Roto-Jet pump model R11-2x2, s/n 03DR74117-02, 4380rpm, with 40 hp drive motor

Lot 163

Dump Tank

[Lot] 48" X 60" Stainless steel dump tank, Goulds centrifugal pump

Lot 164


Beloit DD4000 26" refiner model 4326SN, s/n D2745, with 700 HP/892rpm drive motor, operators control with AB panel view

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