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Stainless steel cart with (2) pneumatic pumps, including (1) Sandpiper plastic diaphragm pump 100 psi/7bar, and (1)Masterflex BT rapid load pneuma...

Stainless Steel Tank, mobile on wheels, with forklift ports. Bottom side 1-1/2" discharge, 19" I.D. x 28" deep with backspash. ...[more]

Multiveyor roller conveyor, 14.5" Wide rollers, 120" long, 2" diameter rollers, 1.5" between rollers, roll-away design, with stainless and plexigl...

Stainless Steel Tank, 21" dia x 19" depth, with two handles, no dischrage ...[more]

Flexible Conveyor, minimum 8' ...[more]

Stainless Steel Bin, 42" x 49" x 28" max depth, cone bottom, on wheels, with forklift provisions ...[more]

Saturn case sealer, Model 20/20, with flap tucking, no taping heads, with case erector attachment. ...[more]

Amtrex Ultrasonic Cleaning System, all stainless steel construction, 28" x 28" x 15" deep chamber, modular cart tank series, serial number UCS-810...

Lab Line vacuum drying oven, model 3610, .66 cu ft capacity, stainless steel contact surfaces, approximately 11" diameter x 12" deep internal cham...

Hamo parts washer, model T-21, stainless steel product contact surfaces, 640 mm x 600mm x 640mm approx. chamber dimensions, 480 volt, 7.5 kW, miss...

Huebsch washing machine, model HT050EMTQ2S1N01, 36" perforated drum, 480 VAC, 60H, 38A, 3 phase. ...[more]

Foundry Supplies sieve, model Universal Roto 8, 20" diameter screening section, 115 volt mounted on hanging stand, with screen ...[more]

Foundry Supplies sieve, model Universal Roto 8, 20" diameter screening section, 115 volt mounted on hanging stand, no screen ...[more]

Puffer Hubbard chest freezer, model ICF 9020 A-O-R, 115 volt, approximately 70" long x 26" wide x 19" deep chamber, serial# YY2913E. ...[more]

Girton bedding dispenser, model BD96B, stainless steel construction with .5 hp bedding conveyor drive, .25 hp dust collector blower, serial# 98080...

Highland Equipment stainless steel mixing skid, with Sartorious scale, with variable speed controller (model SP500), controlling Brawn mixer, mode...

0.5 hp peristaltic pump, with controls all on cart, two segment pump, 230/460 volt, 3 phase, with flow meter and (2) pneumatically actuated valves...

Perkin Elmer, Optima 3300XL, Spectrometer serial# 069N8120802. From the Perkin Elmer Product Sheet (For General Reference Only. May not accuratly ...

Karl Klement Packaging Machinery in line capper, (8) quill, with control panel, cat chute (less bowl), less conveyor, manuals included ...[more]

Pester shrink bundler, model PEWO MAT400SN, 400mm max film width, speeds up to 20 cycles/minute, 240 volt, 60 hertz, serial# V10532A, built 1983. ...

Innovative Technology Glove Box System Model S-ONE-M, Serial number S1-026-01, Constructed in 2001, Equipped with Honeywell Truline Chart Register...

Hartnett Tablet Printer, model DELTA-EXT-PLC, with Siemens touchscreen controls, no printer, serial# D474, 220 volt, single phase, 60 hz, 80 psi a...

Lot of (3) Tawi VM-120 vacuum loader, consiting of Tawi SA320-2 vacuum pump, 2.55 kW, 575 volt, with vaccum lifting attachment, 90 lbs max lift. w...

Avery Labeler, model LA-BO top labeler on stand ...[more]

Damark L Bar sealer, model SMC 1620 IV, 15 hp drive, 110 volts, single phase, with roll of film. ...[more]

2 hp Pump, rubber rotor with stainless steel housing, 1.5" inlet and outlet, mounted onto stainless steel cart with 180 volt DC motor, 1750 rpm, w...

VideoJet 46s inkjet printer, with print head, serial# 0812534C03ZH, 110/230volts, single phase. See Manufacturers Spec Sheet ...[more]

AutoMed Technologies unit dose packer, model ATC FastPak71, space for canisters, speeds up to 40 packets/minute, 60 mm wide x 40 mm long packet si...

Pharma Test PTG-1 powder flow analyzer, serial# 8580. ...[more]

2"x 70" Belt conveyor, 110 volt, no legs, with variable speed control ...[more]

VideoJet Excel Model 2D AutoFlush Ink Jet Coder, Serial number 992320026WS, 100-240V/1phase. Does not power on. Link to Users Manual ...[more]

Tote Lifter, semi-automatic operation ...[more]

Standard Register Label Laminator ...[more]

Haake W46 Open water bath, no circulator ...[more]

Graco pneumatic pump, on mobile stainless steel cart ...[more]

Key tablet deduster, TE101, stainless steel construction, broken roller base ...[more]

IMA Swiftlift Tablet/Capsule elevator, missing hopper and feeder, 120 volt, serial# M5679, built 2010. ...[more]

Lepel Induction Sealer, Model Lepak TR1000A, with Lepel PPS Pump, 3 gallon, with sealing head, on mobile cart. ...[more]

Lot of capsule polishers and dedusters (for parts) ...[more]

BIO RAD FTS60A/ 896 Spectrometer, BIO RAD UMA500 Microscope and DIGILAB FTIR Spectrometer model 099-1397-5, serial 0991397072-15 ...[more]

Eagle 20L Stainless steel tank, 316L construction, heat# 65H4, jacketed, model NS-Custom, (4) top ports ...[more]

20 L Eagle Stainless container, model CTH-30-SMA, 316L construction, not jacketed, (4) ports on top, flat bottom ...[more]

Stainless Steel Tank, 316L construction, approximately 20L, flat bottom, (3) ports on top ...[more]

VideoJet 46s inkjet printer, with print head, serial# 08812535C03ZH, 110/230volts, single phase. Link to Manufacturers Spec Sheet ...[more]

Freund Mini roller compactor, type TF-Mini, on cart, serial# 70-0418, 220 volt, 322 hours on meter. ...[more]

Biomeriux BAcT Alert 3D bacteria identification system, consisting of (2) units, lot also includes Water model 432 conductivity detector. ...[mor...

Tool Polisher, with stainless steel splash guard, 115 volt. ...[more]

Lot of Miscellaneous Equipment, including balances, scale readouts, printers, all missing parts or power supplies. ...[more]

500/250 mL HEL UK automated chemical reactors and calorimeter reactor system, 500 mL and 250 mL Borosilicate glass jacketed vessels, 500 mL vessel...

Tri-Clover Stainless Steel Pump on Cart, 2" ports, Model Number PR10-1 1/2M-TC1-4-ST-S, Serial Number 162341-01. Equipped with a Reeves Variable S...

60L Eagle Stainless Steel Tank, 316L stainless steel construction, Heat# 65H4, (4) ports on top ...[more]

Malvern Mastersizer mass spectrometer, model 2000, with Hydro 2000S ...[more]

Nuaire benchtop isolator, model NU-813-300, with light and blower ...[more]

Eheim Professional II external canister filter and Masterflex Digistaltic pump with Easy-load II pump head ...[more]

Vankel Dissolution tester, model 10-911-71, with dipping arms, 115 volt. ...[more]

Lot of (2) Friabilators, (1) Erweka TA40, quad drum, (1) Vankel, model 10800, single drum, with manuals. ...[more]

DICKEY-john instalab 600, with near infrared analyzer, serial# 0592-14640. Link to Operators Manual Abstract from Operators Manual The Instalab 60...

.25 hp Lightnin Mixer Motor, 230/460 volt, 1725 RPM ...[more]

Watson Marlow peristatic pump, double pump head, driven by 90 volt, 3/4 HP reliance DC motor, with masterflex 56C motor adapter, 4.8:1 speed reduc...

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