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The Proxio Group Ltd Timed Online Auction Ended Jan 16, 2019 2:33pm EST (7:33pm GMT)

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  • Ended Jan 16, 2019 2:33pm EST (7:33pm GMT)
Lots Located in:, Ohio

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  • Online Only
  • Lots Located in:
  • Ohio
  • Cleveland
  • United States

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Buyer's premium: 15.00%

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There are 256 item(s) within this sale
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This auctioneer has chosen to not publish their results. Please contact them directly for any inquiries.

Reynoldstech Horizontal HEPA Filter

Lot 1

Reynoldstech Horizontal HEPA Filter, 4' x 2' Filter area

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2 HP Melt Pump, S/S Motor

Lot 2

2 hp Melt Pump, stainless steel motor, washdown casing, with pump parts, 208-230/460 volt.

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Stainless Steel Rectangular Tank

Lot 3

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tank, 12"W x71" L x30" D, portable on wheels

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Germfree Labs S/S Lab Hood

Lot 4

Germfree Labs model BV4SS lab hood, stainless steel construction, on wheels, 114 volt, enclosed on (3) sides.

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Stainless Steel Autoclave Rack

Lot 5

Stainless Steel autoclave Rack, 50" Wide x 51" long, on cart

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Continuous Coaservation Skid

Lot 6

Continuous coaservation skid, consisting of Cole-Palemer digital gear pump, Torquesense E302 transducer display, (3) stainless steel hoppers.

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So-Low Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Lot 7

So-Low ultra low temperature freezer, model C40-27, serial# 9798878, missing one latch, with controls, 0C to -40C range, 67" L x 23" W x 31" deep...

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Sonics Vibra-Cell model VCF 1500

Lot 8

Unused Sonics Vibra-Cell model VCF 1500, 20 kHz frequency, 1.5 A, 1500 watt, 230 volts, single phase, includes CV154 bottle, connector, and instr...

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Lab Line Vacuum Oven Model 3618

Lot 9

Lab Line Vacuum Oven, model 3618, no shelves, with controls, 120 volts. Specifications (from manufacturers website for general reference only) ...

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Dynisco LCR 7000 series Capilliary Rheometer

Lot 10

Dynisco LCR 7000 series Capilliary Rheometer, serial# 0012-630, 115 volts, 5 psi air LCR 7000 Data Sheet (For general refernce purposes onl...

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Julabo Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators

Lot 11

Julabo Cooler, model FP 90, 230 volt, 3 phase, 8 kW, R404A, R23 refridgerant, with Haskel air driven fluid pump. Operating manual

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Kendro Megafuge 1.0R Centrifuge

Lot 12

Kendro Megafuge 1.0R centrifuge, 110 volt, serial# 40111846 For General Reference only: Product Description The Heraeus Megafuge centrifug...

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40 L Precision 316L Stainless Steel Tank, Vacuum Design

Lot 13

Precsion 316L Stainless Steel 40 L tank, rated 50 psig at 302F, jacket rated 50 psig at 302F, serial # 9151-2, national board# 5904, (6) top nozz...

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15 HP Ross High Shear In-Line Mixer Model HSM401SC - All Stainless Steel

Lot 14

Ross 15 HP High Shear In-Line mixer homogenizer, model HSM401SC, serial# 104031, with 15 hp stainless steel motor, wash down duty, 230/460 volt,...

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VWR Freezer, model 5473

Lot 15

VWR Freezer, model 5473, serial 70463, R134a refrigerant, top opening, 18" x 18" x 16" deep chamber.

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50 L Alloy Products S/S Tank

Lot 16

50 L Alloy Products 316 stainless steel tank, rated 130 psi at 100F, serial# 8821-001, 31"straight side x 11" diameter.

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(2) Electric Motors

Lot 17

(2) Electric motors , (1) Bodine DC gear motor 130 V, 1/12 hp, 12:1 ration, 1208 RPM, 20lb/in torque, (1) Dayton DC motor, 90 volts, 1800 rpm, 1.3...

More details

(3) Industrial Drive Chains, with sprockets

Lot 18

(3) Industrial Drive Chains, with box of sprockets

More details

Cutler-Hammer SVX 9000 VFD

Lot 19

Cutler-Hammer SVX 9000 variable frequency drive, 525-690 volt, 50/60 hz, 5.5 Amp, 3 phase SVX 9000 Manual

More details

(2) Leeson Motor Drives

Lot 20

(2) Leeson motor drives, permanent magnet DC motors, (1) 1/17 hp, 125 rpm, 20:1 ratio, (1) 1/8 hp, 500 rpm, 5:1 ratio.

More details

20 KG Troemer Calibration Weight

Lot 21

20 kg Troemer Calibration weight, stainless steel

More details

(2) Oriental AC Magnetic Brake Motor

Lot 22

(2) Oriental AC magnetic brake motor (see images for tag info).

More details

(3) Dayton DC Motors

Lot 23

(3) Dayton dc industrial gear motor, 90 volt, 1/30th hp, 93 rpm, 13 in/lbs torque, unused in box.

More details

(1) Lot of Assorted Components

Lot 24

(1) Lot of assorted parts, including sensors, mini motor drives, connections, control modules, and (2) used mini motors

More details

(3) 4" Drive Belts

Lot 25

(3) 4" Drive belts, 12" long (when flat)

More details

250 Watt Parvalux Motor Drive

Lot 26

250 watt Parvalux Motor, 220/440 volt, 1.5A, 50/60Hz, 2800-3400 rpm continuous.

More details

(6) Assorted Motors

Lot 27

(6) Assorted motors, used, see images for ratings.

More details

1/8 hp Dayton DC motor

Lot 28

1/8 hp Dayton DC motor, see tag image for rating information.

More details

Drive Motor with Variable Speed Gearbox

Lot 29

Drive motor with variable speed gearbox, see photos for motor tag information.

More details

Lot of Components

Lot 30

(1) Lot of components, including Syntron shaker, Siemens control module, Hitachi camera, Yamaha hand-held programmer, and Precision drive componen...

More details

Lot of Peristaltic Pumps

Lot 31

(1) lot of peristaltic pumps, assorted from Cole-Palmer, Watson-Marlow, etc.

More details

(2) Datamax 400 DPI Printers

Lot 32

(2) Datamax 400 dpi Printers, model DMX-A-44008, 115/230 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 4.0/2.0 A

More details

Pilar Induction Sealer Head, Model AB10032-204

Lot 33

Pilar Induction Sealer Head, Model AB10032-204, 19.5" long.

More details

Lot of Cotton Inserter Parts

Lot 34

(1) Lot of cotton inserter parts

More details

Kaye Instruments Ice Point Reference

Lot 35

Kaye Instruments Ice Point Reference temperature bath.

More details

Genesis Inkjet Coder

Lot 36

Genesis small character ink jet coder, rated up to 250 feet/minute.

More details

Bellco Bottle Turner, Model 7730

Lot 37

Bellco Bottle Turner, model 7730, (6) rollers.

More details

IKA Laboratory Maxi MR1 Magnetic Stir Plate

Lot 38

IKA Laboratory MAXI MR1 magnetic stir plate, stainless steel top, with timer. Description/Data Sheet/Downloads

More details

VideoJet Focus S10 Laser Coder

Lot 39

VideoJet Focus S10 laser coder, with handheld programmer, on platform, cart not included.

More details

45 Liter Alloy Products Tank, 316L S/S, 100 psi

Lot 40

45 Liter Alloy Products 316L stainless steel jacketed tank, 14" diameter x 18" straight side, with 7 nozzles on top, rated 100 psig at 300F, 304 s...

More details

VWR Scientific Flammable Material Storage Refrigerator

Lot 41

VWR Scientific flammable material storage refrigerator, with freezer and refrigerator sections.

More details

Gallenkamp Stability Chamber

Lot 42

Gallenkamp stability chamber, cat# INC.100.330A, with 21.5" wide x 32" highx 16" deep chamber, stainless steel, one shelf, with controls, 110/120 ...

More details

Forma Scientific Incubator, Model 3919

Lot 43

Forma Scientific incubator, model 3919, serial# 97255-580, R134a refrigerant, 36" wide x 60" high x 24" deep chamber.

More details

Labconco Xpert Filtered Balance System

Lot 44

Labconco Xpert Filtered Balance System, with blower and lights, 36" wide x 24" deep x 23" high chamber, catalog 3950301, 115 volts, on rolling st...

More details

Boekel Scientific Pipette Dryer

Lot 45

Boekel Scientific pippette dryer, model 1372, 115 volt.

More details

The Advanced Micro Osmometer, Model 3300

Lot 46

The Advanced Micro Osmometer, Model 3300, serial# 01030284P. User's Guide Brief Abstract Advanced Osmometers are devices for the determin...

More details

Agilent HPLC System, 1100 Series

Lot 47

Agilent HPLC System, 1100 Series, consisting of the following components: G1379A, G1376a, G1365Bmwd, G1316A, G1389A

More details

VWR Water Bath, Model 1140S

Lot 48

VWR Water Bath, Model 1140S, hot/cold operation

More details

(2) Kaye Portable Validators

Lot 49

(2) Kaye portable validators, with temperature probes.

More details

Sotax CE 7 Smart USP Flow through Dissolution System

Lot 50

Sotax CE 7 Smart USP Flow through Dissolution System, closed loop, consisting of: No. 3022-031 part# 8000-2 type CE7 Smart dissolution tester, CP...

More details

Kaye Instruments Validator KL

Lot 51

Kaye Instruments Validator KL Thermal Validation System, Serial# 0107044.

More details

Nalgene Dessicator Cabinet

Lot 52

Nalgene dessicator cabinet, three shelf, ventilated, piano hinge.

More details

(2) Cole-Palmer Digital Gear Pumps, Model 75211-30

Lot 53

(2) Cole-Palmer Digital Gear Pumps, Model 75211-30, with (1) dosing nozzle.

More details

Jabsco 55 Series Rotary Lobe Pump, 1 HP

Lot 54

Jabsco 55 series rotary lobe pump, 0.75" in and out, 1 hp, 230/460 volt, 3 phase, with Baldor washdown duty VFD.

More details

ITT Stainless Steel Reactor, Agi

Lot 55

ITT stainless steel reactor, with lightnin top-entering agitator, model PK505E.

More details

Lot of Assorted Lab Equipment

Lot 56

(1) lot of assorted lab equipment.

More details

Kaye Digistrip Validator, Model 4S

Lot 57

Kaye Digistrip Validator, Model 4S, with (2) boxes of printer paper.

More details

Grieve Oven, Model NTR-800

Lot 58

Grieve Oven, Model NTR-800, 2.4 kW, 110 volt, 24" wide x 22" deep x 13" high chamber, serial# 450818.

More details

Brooks Readout and Control Module, Model 0152

Lot 59

Brooks Readout and Control Module, model 0152

More details

Edgetech Hygrometer and Cahn Digital Recording Balance

Lot 60

Edgetech Dewmaster chilled mirror hygrometer, with Cahn Digital recording balance, with cables, Edgetech calibration kit and manuals.

More details
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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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