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Pouch and Tray Packaging Equipment

Harry Davis & Company Timed Online Auction Ended Dec 05, 2019 2:55pm EST (7:55pm GMT)

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  • Ended Dec 05, 2019 2:55pm EST (7:55pm GMT)
  • Leesport, PA, Pennsylvania

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  • ONLINE AUCTION - Equipment in
  • Leesport, PA
  • Pennsylvania
  • Leesport, PA
  • United States

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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There are 162 item(s) within this sale
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This auctioneer has chosen to not publish their results. Please contact them directly for any inquiries.

Rittal Top Therm Control Cabinet Cooling System, Model SK3329540, S/N 2017K00216411 Rigging Fee: $75

Safeline Power Phase Pro 100x25P Metal Detector, Model 132550, S/N 149561 Rigging Fee: $75

Pallet of Rubber Product Conveyor Rigging Fee: $75

Inter Roll Joki Product Conveyor Drives, Type 1655/600, S/N 9589 and 11115 Rigging Fee: $75

FMC Link-Belt Screw Conveyor, 185", with S/S 10" Trough Auger Rigging Fee: $75

Rockwell Automation Screw Conveyor Drive System; For Use with Lot 5 Rigging Fee: $75

Shanklin Shrink Tunnel, Model T-7XL, S/N T-0323 Rigging Fee: $75

Shanklin Shrink Tunnel, 400 Series, Model T-6XL, S/N T77172 Rigging Fee: $75

Safeline Metal Detector, Model R-V3-PW 300/1800, S/N 68852 Rigging Fee: $75

S/S Short Hopper, 4' x 4' Rigging Fee: $75

Meyer Machine Vibratory Pan, 42" x 36" Rigging Fee: $75

Conveyor Engineering Hopper with Auger Conveyor, 6' x 4.5' Rigging Fee: $75

2008 Jaygo Jacketed Paddle Blender, Model M57, S/N 107016 Rigging Fee: $75

Roskam Company Cookie S/S Dumper Hopper, 5' x 5' Rigging Fee: $75

S/S Dual Paddle Blender, 5' x 3.5', with Scale on Load Cells Rigging Fee: $75

Flexicon Dumper with Dust Hood, Model HPTI-F36-X, 9 cu ft Rigging Fee: $75

Kason Sifter Centri-Sifter, Model MO-BT-SS, S/N M6027 2007 Rigging Fee: $75

American Process Systems Hopper with Lid, Model FBD200, S/N 4409, Dump Station Rigging Fee: $75

Ribbon Blender, 18" x 18", Bolts to Lot 19 Rigging Fee: $75

Oscar Krenz S/S Jacketed Ribbon Blender, 5' x 3.5' Rigging Fee: $75

Christian Continuous Indirect Heat Exchanger Auger Conveyor Therm-L-Veyor, 16" x 216", Model 16PB18, S/N 76331 Rigging Fee: $75

Ensign Super Sack Dumper Rigging Fee: $75

Portable Tote Stand with V-Hopper Chute Rigging Fee: $75

Hydraulic Tote Lifter, 2,500 LB Capacity Rigging Fee: $75

Southworth Tote Lifter, Model RollC2.285, S/N L9634-100, 2,400 LB Capacity Rigging Fee: $75

Flexicon Super Sack Lifting System with 4,000 LB J.B and Harrington 2-Ton Hoist Rigging Fee: $75

Custom Metal Craft S/S Hydraulic Super Sack Dumper, Model 1149600, S/N 44665 Rigging Fee: $75

Tote Lifter, 32" Lift Rigging Fee: $75

AM FEC Super Sack Tote System, Model 2-3K, S/N 100505 Rigging Fee: $75

Inline Filling Systems Accumulation Table, INC 1300, 36" Diameter Rigging Fee: $75

Labeling Systems Inc Labeler, Model 2997, S/N 18078SR, with Conveyor Rigging Fee: $75

Northeast Conveyor Accumulation/Sorting Conveyor Rigging Fee: $75

Safeline Flow Through Metal Detector, Model PL50, S/N 6732901, with Flow Serve Automatic Valve Rigging Fee: $75

Little David Top Case Taper, Model LDIB, S/N 8708071 Rigging Fee: $75

Doboy Product Conveyor, Model J-Wrapper, 95-15862 Rigging Fee: $75

Bosch Sigpack Systems Spare Parts Cabinets with Knack Locker Rigging Fee: $100

Bradman Lake Compact R Triseal Cartoner with Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 400 and Nordson Glue Pod, Model Mini, S/N 15902 Rigging Fee: $250

Yamato Data Weigh 14-Head Scale Rigging Fee: $250

Spare Scale Heads to Yamato Data Weigh Rigging Fee: $75

Spare Filler Cones for Yamato Data Weigh Rigging Fee: $75

TAM Heat Seal Bagger, Model TWA-201, S/N 410 Rigging Fee: $250

S/S Cone Filler Rigging Fee: $25

S/S Vacuum Powder Hopper Rigging Fee: $25

S/S Cone Filler with Air Regulator Rigging Fee: $25

Busch/ARO Vacuum Pump Rigging Fee: $25

12"" S/S Butterfly Valve with Actuator Rigging Fee: $25

Brandt DMV9000 Chocolate Tempering Rigging Fee: $150

Miscellaneous Control Panel and Tempering Parts Rigging Fee: $150

Klockner Motor Control Center with Siemens Controls, For Lot 51 Rigging Fee: $250

Benchmark Automation Card Sheeter, Model CRD-SHTR, S/N 2004:10-D Rigging Fee: $100

Case Stacker, Custom Built Rigging Fee: $100

Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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