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Surplus Assets Packaging and Process Equipment

Auction Industries Packaging and Process Equipment Timed Online Auction Ended Nov 16, 2017 2:36pm EST (7:36pm GMT)

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  • Ended Nov 16, 2017 2:36pm EST (7:36pm GMT)

Venue Address

  • 105 Evans Row
  • Cheraw
  • South Carolina
  • 29520
  • United States

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Buyer's premium: 13.00%

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There are 214 item(s) within this sale
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Anchor Hocking (Crown-Cork) Metal Lug Twist Capper

Lot 1

  38mm Metal Lug Twist Cap, Stainless Steel Chain, Touch Screen, Stainless Steel Frame, PLC Controlled, Stainless Steel Hopper Included Asset ...

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Horix 64 Valve Filler

Lot 2

  Stainless Steel Package  Asset Number: 225   Serial Number: 102 Dimensions: 9 ft 6 in long x 7 fh 1 in wide x 7 ft 10 in high Electricit...

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Moen BL901 Case Lidder

Lot 3

  Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC. Quick Panel Touch Screen. Extended Lid 58 Hopper. Rate of Production: Up to 28 c.p.m, Size Capacity: Length 10in ...

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EPI Model 9149 Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Lot 4

Includes Stand Asset Number: 346 Serial Number: 0400 Dimensions: 3 ft L x 3 ft W x 4 ft H Speed: 150 PPM Electricity: 120v 60hx 3ph ...[more]

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National Water Systems Sand/Carbon Media Filter Tank

Lot 5

  Mild Steel Construction with Stainless Steel Manifold Piping, Max Pressure 65PSI, Max Temperature 130ºF, National Board Number 1780, Includes...

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Krones Combi-Solomatic Labeler

Lot 6

  Change Parts for 12oz, 500ml, 20oz, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC, Cut and Stack Labeler with Pressure Sensitive Neck  Asset Number: 527 Seria...

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Krones 42 Canmatic Labeler

Lot 7

  Canmatic Style with a Solomatic Aggregate (never used), Allen Bradley SLC 5/02 PLC Controls. Has Auto Lube System, Krones Label Inspection Sy...

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Meyer 78 Valve Can Filler

Lot 8

  Last Ran 202/211 Cans  Asset Number: 590 Dimensions: 10ft Long x 8ft Wide x 7ft High Speed 1300 CPM Electricity: 460v 60hx 3ph Shipping ...

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KHS 96 Valve Filler / Alcoa 16 Head Capper

Lot 9

  Double Pre Evac Monoblock Filler/Capper last setup for soft drinks, Will also fill PET Water Bottles with proper change parts, Neck Support F...

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Krones 12 Station Canmatic Labeler, Maltese Cross

Lot 10

  Maltese Cam for Rectangular Bottles or Cans, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Nordson Pro Blue 10, Nordson Eclipse Pattern Control,  Asset Numb...

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H&K 92 Valve Can Filler

Lot 11

  Rotary Can Filler last running carbonated soft drinks at 1300 cans/minute on 12oz. cans, Removed 2011 from production, Last ran with Angelus ...

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PE Rotary Roll Fed Labeler, Year 2005

Lot 12

  Applies Roll Fed Label with Hot Glue to Round Bottles, 810mm Diameter Carousel, 18 Bottle Plates, 2 Cutters, Container Diameters from 55mm to...

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Langguth 12 Station Cut and Stack Labeler

Lot 13

  Nordson 3400V Glue Unit, Setup for .5L, 20oz, 24oz PET Bottles, Adjustable label basket with Continuous Loading for zero down time, 57-110mm ...

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Krones 18 Station Roll Fed Labeler

Lot 14

  Includes On- Board Glue Pod, Set-Up with 11 oz. Change Parts, Label Check System, Left to Right Machine  Asset Number: 1233 Serial Number: ...

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Camtron Portable Pressure Sensitive Carton Labeler

Lot 15

  Includes Casters, Runs RSC Cases  Asset Number: 1261 Serial Number: 72574 Dimensions: 4ft Long x 4ft Wide x 4ft High Speed: 20-25 CPM El...

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Bell and Gosset Hot Water Heater

Lot 16

  Hankison Model HPR10-115 Air Dryer: 10 SCFM @ 100PSIG & 100ºF 17.2 m, Includes Controls and (2) 5HP Pumps  Asset Number: 1283 Serial Number...

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Sasib Case Switch

Lot 17

  5 SCFM @ 65 PSI  Asset Number: 1292 Serial Number: 002016-A1 Dimensions: 10ft Long x 5ft Wide x 3ft High Speed: 5 SCFM Electricity: 480v...

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Endress Hauser CIP Probe New Never Used

Lot 18

  New Never Used, 2 Available, Capacitive Level Measurement  Asset Number: 1319 Serial Number: D6008B150F0 Dimensions: 5ft High Shipping We...

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2003 Krones 18 Station Cut and Stack Labeler

Lot 19

  Dual Nordson Pro Blue Glue System with Touchscreen Controls, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC, Full Guarding, Full Wraparound Hot Melt Glue,  Asse...

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Mojonnier 36M48 Carbo Cooler

Lot 20

  36 Plate Series 60 Chiller Tank, 48 Plate Series 60 Carbonating Tank, M Flo Mix, Hot CIP Capable, Gravity Ammonia System, Tubular Base  Asse...

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Crown 45 Valve Filler with 6 Head Crowner

Lot 21

  Rebuilt 2007, Setup for Glass. Perfect for Soft Drink or Beer  Asset Number: 1326 Serial Number: D-45-6-UB-75 Dimensions: 10ft Long x 8ft ...

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Pearson All S/S Top Level Case Sealer, Year 2003

Lot 22

  With Dual Drives, Aprox. 18 inch W Belt x 8 foot L, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC Controls, Allen Bradley and 300 Micro Display and (2) A...

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Pearson Random Top Adjustable Case Sealer, Year 2005

Lot 23

  With Dekka Sentry 4 Tape Head, Flap Folding Station, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC, Allen Bradley PanelView 300 Micro Display, Eco Drives...

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2003 Krones 18-Head Canmatic Wrap Around Rotary Labeler

Lot 24

  Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC, Last Ran .5L PET @ 350 BPM, Full Guarding, Full Wraparound Hot Melt Glue, Dual Nordson Pro Blue Glue Units with A...

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Arpac Shrink Wrapper Bundler with Heat Tunnel

Lot 25

  Automatic Wraps Bottles/Cans with Clear or Print Registered Film, No Trays or Pads, Uses FILM ONLY, Includes Infeed Spacing Conveyor, Wrapper...

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Pearson Random Case Sealer, Year 2003

Lot 26

  Seals Random Case Automatically, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC Controlled ,RSC, CSSC, Split Minor Tray, Bliss Cases, 4.68 kVA Pneumatic: 0.82 SC...

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Heuft Case Inspector, Year 2001

Lot 27

  overfill and underfill check with foam compensation, closure detection, residual air detection, leakage check, bottle burst management, label...

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Aries Packaging Over Wrapper (Sleever) Model 602

Lot 28

  Aries Packaging Over Wrapper (Sleever) Model 602. Taking bundles of drinlkable yogurt bottles and overwrapping a cardboard sleeve. Allen Brad...

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Laurent Bottle Unscrambler With Bulk Hopper And Discharge

Lot 29

  Laurent Bottle Unscrambler With Bulk Hopper And Discharge •Sorter: •Number of feeding plates: 39, bars pitch: 209.55, length:1604mm •Right di...

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I&H Bottle Air Lowerator Cleaner Complete with Nercon 5-Lane Table Infeed

Lot 30

  I&H Bottle Air Lowerator Cleaner Complete with Nercon 5-Lane Table Infeed Conveyor, Single Lane Discharge Conveyor, Stainless Steel Elevated ...

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KHS Single Head ROPP Capper

Lot 31

  Single Head Capper  Asset Number: 1480 Serial Number: J216 Dimensions: 6'H x 4' 1"W x 4' 1"L Electricity: 63Hz, 3Phase  ...[more]

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Posimat High Speed Compact Unscrambler, Year 2002

Lot 32

  Dual Chamber System, Last Ran 16oz and 32oz @ 650 BPM, 54 Pockets (28 per chamber) with Ptrans-Flex Conveyor, Machine Operation is to the Lef...

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Posimat Empty Bottle Silos, 3 available, Year 2002

Lot 33

  POSISILO, with its patented pressure-less output system, is such an innovative and meticulously designed silo concept for plastic bottles tha...

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500+ feet Gebo Air Conveyor, Year 2002

Lot 34

  Includes (9) Blowers (7) 90º Curves (3) 45º Curves (1) 180º Curve, Setup for 28 and 38mm, Auto Adjustable, Last Ran with a SIdel SBO 20 and P...

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Douglas Tray Former Packer, Year 2002

Lot 35

  Currently Setup for 16oz and 32oz PET 12/24 Packs, Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC Controlled, AB PanelView 1000 Touchscreen, Nordson 3500V Glue U...

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Arol Cap Sorter

Lot 36

  Arol Cap Sorter is Brand New (never used), Last Setup for 28mm Caps  Asset Number: 1505 Dimensions: 3ft Diameter x 1ft High Electricity: 2...

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Artos CS600 Wire Stripper/Crimper

Lot 37

  Strips the ends off wire and crimps on a terminal, (2) crimp presses w/ Eurodrive motors  Asset Number: 1506 Serial Number: 51243-003 Dime...

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Mojonnier M56 Carbo Cooler

Lot 38

  Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, 56 Plate Series 60 Carbonating Tank, Gravity Ammonia System, M Flow Mix, Hot CIP Capable, Updated DSI Controls,...

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Thermo Electron Pulsar EX CO2 Monitor, Year 2009

Lot 39

  Pulsar EX CO2 Quality Assurance System, provides real-time information on contaminant levels in carbon dioxide. With the Pulsar EX, you can d...

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Stewart Case Switch

Lot 40

  Mild Steel Frame, 3 to 1 switch  Asset Number: 1526 Serial Number: DK62357-A Dimensions: 8ft Long x 6ft Wide x 1ft High Electricity: 220 ...

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Ambec 10x30 Accumulation Table

Lot 41

  Stainless Steel Frame, Bi-directional Center Drive Intralox Plastic Belt, Includes Rails and Legs, discharge conveyor available at additional...

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Klippenstein High Level Adjustable Tape Case Sealer

Lot 42

  Klippenstein High Level Adjustable Tape Case Sealer Model SK600TH, Taped Two Fridge Packs Together to send to a palletizer, Year 2005, serial...

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Pearson C2240 Carton Combiner, Year 2005

Lot 43

  Last Setup Glueing (2) 12 Pack Fridge Packs Together, Allen Bradley Compact Logix C31 PLC Controlled, Pneumatic: 3.0 SCFM @ 80 PSI (0.085 m3/...

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Owens - Illinois Contour Applicator

Lot 44

  Oi Contour Applicator Carrier Supply Chute Support-Adjustable Carrier Supply Chute Holds Approx. 500 Carriers Vac. Pump Rebuilt 1999. Stainle...

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Grasso Ammonia Compressor

Lot 45

  Grasso Compressor. 9'2 High x 5'6 Wide x 5'9 High. 460/575 volts 200 HP  Asset Number: 1544 Serial Number: 7411-6179 Dimensions: 9'2 L x 5...

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Alliance Pallet Feeder/Stacker

Lot 46

  Alliance Pallet Feeder/Stacker, Stainless Steel. 10'9 Long x 4'8 Wide x 8'1 High. Holds 240 volts 60 hz 480 amps. Type: 4x, 12 k CAT NO: HBLD...

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Baltimor Aircoil Cooling Tower

Lot 47

  Baltimor Aircoil Company Cooling tower. Has matching chiller if needed. 8'9 High x 5'2 Wide x 19'2 Long. Actual cooling pump runs 480 volts 5...

More details

Mojonnier 22G48 Carbo Cooler

Lot 48

  Includes Control panel GFLO Mix, 22 Plate series 60 system tank, 48 plate series 60 carbonating tank,GPH 48 plate carbonating plate, injectio...

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Hytrol Case Conveyor

Lot 49

  Hytrol Case Conveyor. 15 inch wide conveyor, 34ft all together with curve. Curve with a drive 10ft. 3/4 HP 1725 RPM 208-230 Volts 208-3.0 AMP...

More details

5X 20ft Long Low In Low Out Gripper Rinser

Lot 50

  Stainless Steel Frame, Includes Control Panel, Adjustable from 1in to 6in Diameter Glass or PET Bottles  Asset Number: 1556 Serial Number: ...

More details

Video Jet Focus S25 Laser Coder

Lot 51

  High resolution, clear codes, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Simple user interface with user definable, security levels, Dual printhead capability...

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Zeks Air Dryer, Year 2004

Lot 52

  R22 Refrigerant  Asset Number: 2030 Serial Number: 232108 Dimensions: 6ft Long x 3ft Wide x 6ft High Speed: 400 CFM Electricity: 460v 60...

More details

ACS Tamper Evident Foil Sealer

Lot 53

  ASP Series, Previously Ran 34.4 MM @ 550 CPM  Asset Number: 2031 Serial Number: P2616 Speed: 550 CPM Electricity: 240 V, 3 PH, 40 HZ ......

More details

Standard Knapp 949S Case Packer , Year 2002

Lot 54

  Stainless Steel Frame, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Touch Screen, Servo Driven, Last Setup for 24 Pack 12oz Glass x 2, Capable of up to 50 C...

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Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump Heads, Year 2005

Lot 55

  2 Available  Asset Number: 2055 Serial Number: 393263-05 ...[more]

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Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump

Lot 56

  Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump w/ 2-1/2" Clamp Type S/S Head (NOTE: Missing Impellers and Cover Assembly Plate)  Asset Number: 2056 Se...

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4 Door Control Cabinet

Lot 57

  Complete w/ Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 Touch Screen Controller Asset Number: 2058 Dimensions: 86in H x 19in W ...

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Cermex Single Door Control Cabinet

Lot 58

  Cermex Single Door Control Cabinet Complete w/ Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU  Asset Number: 2059 Dimensions: 75in H x 19in W x 36in L  ...[mo...

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Moorfeed 30" S/S Vibratory Feeder System, Year 2003

Lot 59

    2003 Moorfeed 30" S/S Vibratory Feeder System Includes 30" x 24" S/S Feed Hopper Mounted on Base w/ Controls  Asset Number: 2067 Seria...

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Sperry Vickers 20 HP Hydraulic Pump w/ Oil Tank

Lot 60

  Sperry Vickers 20 HP Hydraulic Pump w/ Oil Tank  Asset Number: 2079 Serial Number: 680870 Dimensions: 4ft Long x 3ft Wide x 3ft High Spee...

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