Huge Scrap Opportunity, Hyd-Mech Bandsaw, Welders, Pallet Racking, Steineman Sanding Line, Motors to 5,000 HP, Silos, Etc.
Bennettsville, South Carolina
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59 Willamette Road Bennettsville, South Carolina 29512 United States

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TAW 500HP Motor, Type AEHG-TKUWD (TECO), sn:DVC104734-2

TAW 500HP Motor, Type AEHG-TKUWD (TECO), sn:DVC104734-4

Toshiba B3006FLF4BMQ 300HP Motor, sn:080604428

Toshiba 6DS300LIDKHHGK 300HP Motor, sn:980708394

Toshiba B3006FLF4BM 300HP Motor, sn:070804946

Toshiba B3006FLF4BM 300HP Motor, sn:070804960

Siemens Nema RGZEESD 250HP Motor, sn:E05T0111NP-3

Toshiba B1504FLF4BMH 150HP Motor, sn:AC17684-2

Siemens Model PE-21 125HP Motor, sn:61-378-625-008-6

Model DE449TTFS654OEW-W 200HP Motor, sn:WAA023768

Siemens RGZESD 200HP Motor, sn:n/a

Siemens RGZESD 200HP Motor, sn:n/a

Siemens RGZECH 150HP Motor, sn:1-5141-50131-4-1

Siemens RGZZECH 125HP Motor, sn:1-5141-50407-1-1

Teco Max-E1 200HP Motor, sn:AV9101304002

Teco Max-E2/841 200HP Motor, sn:QY913336003

Siemens SD100 200HP Motor, sn:Q2-E14R0341NPI-6

Siemens RGZESD 125HP Motor, sn:H03T0624TE-6

Siemens RGZESD 100HP Motor, sn:n/a

Siemens RGZESD 75HP Motor, sn:n/a

Siemens RGZESD 60HP Motor, sn:ILA03644SE41

Siemens RGZESD 60HP Motor, sn:FOOT-0621TE-12

Toshiba F5006FLF4CDLXM 500HP Motor, sn:92508871

Lot 224



Toshiba B3006FLF4BM 300HP Motor, sn:92701214

Toshiba B2004FLF4BMH 200HP Motor, sn:AC36968-53

Teco AEHH8P 125HP Motor, sn:E9197027001

Toshiba B2004FLA3PMHPR 200HP Motor, sn:AC23984-08

MAC TAFC 200HP Motor, sn:7503

Siemens RCZESD 150HP Motor, sn:A01T0625TE13

Siemens SD100IEEE 60HP Motor, sn:Q2-K17-T0049NPI-0001

Siemens SD100IEEE 75HP Motor, sn:Q2-K18-T0050NPI-029

Teco AEHH8N 40HP Motor, sn:VDH7188009-010

Toshiba 0502SDSR41B-P 50HP Motor, sn:19070175563

Siemens SD100 150HP Motor, sn:H13T0340NPI-4

Siemens RGZEESD 250HP Motor, sn:G05T0111NP-1

Siemens RGZEESD 250HP Motor, sn:G05T0111NP-2

Lot 238



Lot 239



Siemens SD100 40HP Motor, sn:Q2-B18-T0334NPI-0003

Toshiba B1004FLF3USH03 100HP Motor, sn:981001881

Teco Max-E1 Type AEHH60 75HP Motor, sn:WZP7149433002

Siemens RGZESD 75HP Motor, sn:ILA04056SE41B

Siemens SD100 50HP Motor, sn:ILE23213BA212AA3

Siemens RGZESD 40HP Motor, sn:ILAC3658SE41

US Electric Hostile 30HP Motor, sn:E412A-A06A120R055M

Siemens SD100 40HP Motor, sn:Q2-FI5T0322NPI-10

Siemens RGZESD 40HP Motor, sn:ILA03242SE42

Siemens RGZESD 40HP Motor, sn:ILA03646SE41

Toshiba S26810-3H6030 40/20HP Motor, sn:94203486

Siemens SD100 60HP Motor, sn:ILE23213DA112AA3

Baldor 10HP Inverter, sn:66171720142

Baldor 10HP Inverter, sn:66172620123

Baldor 75HP Inverter, sn:66172620200

Marathan XRI Model 4N 200HP Motor, sn:09356470

Siemens Nema SD100 200HP Motor, sn:A10T0341NPI-1

Teco Max-E1 Inverter 200HP Motor, sn:ZYAC13C031-1

Teco Max-E1 Inverter 200HP Motor, sn:YYAC13B002-1

Siemens NGMA SD100 60HP Motor, sn:G12T0336NPI-19

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