Day Two of Two-Day Auction - Facility Being Dismantled - (3) HUGE Stock Rooms of M.R.O./Maintenance Items
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Stratton, Ohio
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  • Ended Feb 15, 2024 5pm ET (10pm GMT)

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Route 7 Stratton, Ohio 43961 United States

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Lot - 500-KVA Transformer, Operating Coil, Limit Switch, 3/8 in. x .025 in. x 100 Ft. Galvanized Carbon Steel Banding Rolls, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - (3) 24-Drawer Organizer Cabinets, Spool of 1 Conductor Switchboard Cable, 6 in. Deep Heel Lineman's Overshoes, Circuit Board, Etc. on (2) Se...

Lot - Transformer Control, 10-Amp and 15-Amp, 480-V, 3-Pole Breakers, Flowmeter, 400-Amp, 480-V Adjustable Breaker, Etc. on (2) Sections

Lot - 400-Amp, 600-V, 3-Pole Circuit Breaker, Movable Main Contact Kit, Current Interrupting Circuit Breakers, LMT Rotary Switch, Etc. on (2) Sect...

Lot - Sheave Bushing Set, 15-Amp Ground Fault Extension Cords, 15-Amp Non-Locking U-Shaped Receptacle Covers, Cyberex Capacitor, Lamp Holders, Etc...

Lot - Pressure Reducing Proportional Valve, 5th Stage Proximity Probe, Leviton Porcelain Lamp Holder Sockets, Honeywell Micro Switches, Spool of C...

Lot - V-Belts, Hubbell HBL2733 Connector Bodies, 3500 VGA Router Interface, Thermocouple Sensors, 5-8mm Extension Cables, S-B Manual Valve, Etc. o...

Lot - Spool of 1/C 12-AWG, 600-V, 7-Strand Switchboard Cable, Stock Feeder Load Cell, 0-30 Vacuum Switch, Temp Indicator, Leviton Fluorescent Type...

Lot - 4 Line Terminal Block, Daniel Woodhead Outlet Boxes, Special Purpose Nuts, Toggle Switches, CHC T67 2 in. Steel Condulet, Etc. on (1) Sectio...

Lot - AC Control Relays, Small Round Push Buttons, Siemens Electrical Contactors, Cutler-Hammer Thermal Overload Relays, Coil Kits, Circuit Breake...

Lot - Overload Relays, Eaton Red Plastic Lens with Adaptors, Auxillary Contacts, Switch Assemblies, Circuit Breakers, Etc. in (15) Boxes

Lot - Eaton Horizontal Reverse Starter, Cutler Hammer Reverse Starter, Westinghouse Model J 2-Speed Starters and Square D AC Magnetic NEMA Rated S...

Lot - (3) F-225 Circuit Breakers, (1) Eaton 30-Amp, 600-V Circuit Breaker, (1) G.E. Molded Case Circuit Breaker, (2) Westinghouse 70-Amp, 60-VAC, ...

Lot - (6) Valve Plate Assemblies and (1) Spool of General Cable Type RHH/RHW-2-ST1/USE-2 600V 10-AWG Durasheath Cable on (2) Pallets on (1) Shelf ...

Lot - (1) 304SS Woven Spiral Wire Mesh, (1) Econotran 1.5-KVA Transformer and (1) Hubbell Chance PSCGS002114 Grounding Set Kit on (2) Pallets

Lot - 40 in. x 40 in. x 1/16 in. Sheet Gaskets, (2) Alloy Metal Diaphragms and (2) Wireco 3/8 in. x 80 in. Steel Cables on (3) Pallets

Lot - (1) Spool of 3/C 14-AWG 600-V 7-Strand Cable, (1) 22 in. Diameter x 28-1/4 in. Filter Element and Varioius Thermocouple Elements on (2) Pal...

Lot - (3) Ericson 1940-12CF 120-V Primary Input, 200-VA Output 2-Outlet Temporary Low Voltage Transformers and (1) Ericson 1941-12CF 120-V Primary...

  • 46 item(s)

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