Day Two of Two-Day Auction - Facility Being Dismantled - (3) HUGE Stock Rooms of M.R.O./Maintenance Items
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Stratton, Ohio
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  • Ended Feb 15, 2024 5pm ET (10pm GMT)

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  • 9am - 2pm ET

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Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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Route 7 Stratton, Ohio 43961 United States

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Lot - O-Rings, Bearing Sleeves, Fuel Filters, Oil Seals, Nuts, Bolts, Valve Seats, Suction Covers, Couplings, Wear Plates, Etc. on (4) Sections

Lot - Red Tagout Tags, Dry Silver, Ventilation Smoke Tubes, V-Belts, Liquid Leak Detector, Metal Paint Cants, Etc. on (6) Sections

Lot - 115V AC/DC Motors, Impeller Lock Nuts, Shaft Sleeve Locknuts, Thrust Collar Nuts, Bearing Sleeves, Valve Body Gaskets, Etc. on (1) Section ...

Lot - Universal Joints, Motor Sheaves, Rupture Discs, Ball Bearing Housing Cover, Bearing Inserts, Deflector Rings and Thrust Collars on (1) Secti...

Lot - Turbine Nuts, Retaining Plates, Connecting Plate, Breakdown Bushing, Leveling Block Ring Base, Stationary Baffle, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Preformed Diaphragm, Coupling Nut, Polishing Wheels, Clockwise Thrust Bearing, Valve Stems, Pump Sleeves, Mechanical Rotors, Etc. on (1) Sec...

Lot - Inner Pyrite Gate Assembly, Valve Yoke, Stem Nut, O-Rings, Gaskets, Split Taper Bushings, Counterclockwise Thrust Bearing, Filter Head Housi...

Lot - Valve Holder, Bearing Sleeves, Packing Strainers, Steel Wool, Piston Valve Relay, Sylvania Metalarc Bulbs, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Protective Wire Guard, Pump Shaft, Thrust Bearing Shoes, Packing Sets, Shaft Sleeves, Glass Optomatic Oilers, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Gaskets, Packing Sets, Norgren Regulators, Shaft Sleeves, Wear Rings, Servo Motor Bushings, Pump Shaft, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Strainer Elements, Heater Grid Cover, Rubber Marine Bearing Inserts, 1/2 in. Manual Isolation Valves, Mechanical Seals, Etc. on (1) Section ...

Lot - Switches, Pump Impellers, Thrust Bearing Housings, Yoke Nut Adapters, Valve Levers, Socket Head Cap Screws, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Bearing Guides, Suction Bearings, Lapping Compound, Polishing Cloths, Wear Rings, Pump Gland, Gland Spacers, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Shaft Sleeves, Klozure Seals, Head Head Cap Screws, Seat Rings, Pump Shaft Conversion Kit, Bronze Cast Pump Impeller, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Motor Bushings, Cage Spacer, Square D Stainless Float Rods, Rupture Disc, Diaphragm Valve, Valve Repair Kit, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Diaphragm Actuator, Diaphragm Valves, Conductivity Cells, Plug Valves, Couplers, Thermal Relays, Bushings, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Brass Tube Plugs, Gate Rollers, .1045 Steel Wedges, Piston Rod, Steel Pump Pinion, Filters, Steel Rollers, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Lantern Rings, Honeywell Temp Sensors, Impeller Wear Rings, Output Gears, Vacuum Tension Belt Rollers, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Wing Nuts, Manual Nuts, Filter O-Rings, Spring Washers, Cluster Gear Bearings, Falk Hub Assemblies, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Multipurpose Sealant Compound, Thrust Bearing Covers, Bearing Housing, Coupling, Rubber Gaskets, Wear Rings, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Tygon Flexible Plastic Tubing, Bonnet Gaskets, Roller Chain, Diaphragms, Coupler Pins, Pillow Block Bearings, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Bearing Seals, Stainless Steel Bolts, Castle Nuts, Drive Belt, Angle Valves, Wear Rings, Lantern Rings, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Filters, Chain Operated Gearbox, Valve Kit, High Strength Hex Head Bolts, Grating G-Clips, Roller Bearings, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Bearing Housing, Side Discharge Plate, Steel Shims, V-Belts, Ring Casings, Impeller Rings, Bearing End Covers, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Mechanical Seals, Impeller Casings, Spin-On Filters, Asbestos Gaskets, Shaft Sleeves, Bearing Housing, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - Vent Floats, Dust Seals, Valve Springs, Extension Cables, Retaining Caps, Bell & Gossett Bearing Assembly, Etc. on (1) Section