Day Two of Two-Day Auction - Facility Being Dismantled - (3) HUGE Stock Rooms of M.R.O./Maintenance Items
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Stratton, Ohio
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  • Ended Feb 15, 2024 5pm ET (10pm GMT)

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Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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Route 7 Stratton, Ohio 43961 United States

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Lot - Light Bulbs, Steel Slotted Pan Head Tapping Screws, Steel Square Set Screws, Brass Machine Screws, Socket Head Cap Screws and Eye Bolts on (...

Lot - Fisher Clear Plastic Tubing, RTV Silicone, Drive Sprocket, Advance Core and Coil Ballast Kits, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Etc. on (1) Sectio...

Lot - Socket Balls, Pivot Bolts, Vacuum Switches, Circuit Boards, Flange Clamps, Oil Hose, (2) 24-Drawer and (1) 12-Drawer Bin Organizers on (2) S...

Lot - Extension Nuts, Shaft Bushings, Rod Bushings, Solenoid Rebuild Kit, Sunnen Hone Shoes, 4 in. x 22-1/2 in. Spring, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - (2) 24-Drawer and (1) 12-Drawer Organizers, Green Indicating Light Lenses, Chain Sprockets, Assembly Shafts, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - 5/8 in. Lock Washers, Replacement Sweep Mill Cables, Pre-Filter Elements, Hex Nuts, Socket Head Cap Screws, Etc. on (2) Sections

Lot - Bailey BC5621111 Gage Transmitter, SM150MLTLC3M-500K High Pressure Sodium Light Ballasts, Deareator Spray Nozzles, Etc. on (1) Section

Lot - (1) 24-Drawer Organizer Cabinet, Cutler-Hammer Bus Vertical Braces, Ashcroft 5 in. Bi-Metal Thermometer, WHSE Loss of Pulse, Core and Coil B...

Lot - (3) 24-Drawer Organizer Cabinets, Foxboro Circuit Board Socket, Stainless Proximitor Probe Instruments, Static Switch Control Board, Etc. on...

Lot - (4) Babbitt 2-1/2 in. Cast Iron Adjustable Sprocket Rims with Chain Guide, 9-1/4 in. x 12-1/2 in. Diameter, (1) Babbitt 3-1/2 in. Cast Iron ...

  • 58 item(s)