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Lot 0

View Videos of Assets on our Youtube Channel. Complete Catalog Coming Soon! ...[more]

Lot 2

Shelf w/ contents ...[more]

Lot 3

Mop bucket & signs ...[more]

Lot 4

assorted screw drivers

Lot 5

assorted hammers

Lot 6

wheel puller

Lot 7

wheel puller

Lot 8

wheel puller

Lot 9

Ridgid 36 in. pipe wrench ...[more]

Lot 10

Mastercraft 14.4 volt cordless drill c/w charger & spare battery

Lot 11

Mastercraft drill

Lot 12

Rona electric blower

Lot 13

Mastercraft electric jigsaw

Lot 14

Hilti TE5 hammer drill

Lot 15

Rona Palm sander

Lot 17

pneumatic tools

Lot 18

5 in. c-clamps

Lot 19

Band crimpers ...[more]

Lot 20

Powerfist 100 ft. tape measure

Lot 22

long screw drivers

Lot 23

long needle nose pliers

Lot 25

(2) snap ring pliers NEW

Lot 26

assorted hand tools on wall

Lot 27

lifting straps

Lot 28

bench w/vise

Lot 29

steel bench w/ vise

Lot 30

contents of bench

Lot 31

contents of bench

Lot 32

(6) plastic parts bins w/contents

Lot 33

plastic parts bin w/contents

Lot 34

2-door metal cabinet w/contents

Lot 35

steel parts bin w/contents

Lot 36

steel parts cabinet w/contents

Lot 37

2-door metal cabinet w/contents

Lot 38

metal shelf w/contents

Lot 39

extension cords

Lot 39A

Air hose ...[more]

Lot 39B

(2) Dewalt folding saw stands ...[more]

Lot 39C

PowerFist 18 in. bolt cutters ...[more]

Lot 39D

PowerFist laser level ...[more]

Lot 39E

Trash cans ...[more]

Lot 40

metal shelf w/contents

Lot 41

FM 4-drawer cabinet w/contents

Lot 42

FM 4-drawer cabinet w/contents

Lot 43

FM 4-drawer cabinet w/contents

Lot 44

FM 4-drawer cabinet w/contents

Lot 45

FM 4-drawer cabinet w/contents

Lot 46

stainless steel cabinet on wheels

Lot 47

20 ton H-frame-press

Lot 48

8 in. horizontal band saw

Lot 49

Delta 18 in. vertical band saw

Lot 50

18 in. bench drill press

Lot 51

2-tier metal shop cart

Lot 51A

2-tier Rubbermaid shop cart

Lot 51B

3-tier metal shop cart

Lot 51C

metal platform cart

  • Lots per page
  • 60

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