RC-204 MINT - 20 ton Hydraulic Jack with 4" stroke type cylinder

In Auction of Hunter’s Welding – MINT Forklifts, ...

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Buffalo & Stoney Creek, New York
RC-204 MINT - 20 ton Hydraulic Jack with 4" stroke type cylinder
RC-204 MINT - 20 ton Hydraulic Jack with 4" stroke type cylinder

Auction of Hunter’s Welding – MINT Forklifts, Mfg, Cabinets, Fab Equipment, Hoists & More

Ends from
Venue Address
Buffalo & Stoney Creek
New York
United States

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1Stoney Creek, ON

2Stoney Creek, ON

3Stoney Creek, ON

4Stoney Creek, ON

5Stoney Creek, ON

6Stoney Creek, ON

7Stoney Creek, ON

8Stoney Creek, ON

9Stoney Creek, ON

10Stoney Creek, ON

11Stoney Creek, ON

12Stoney Creek, ON

13Stoney Creek, ON

14Stoney Creek, ON

15Stoney Creek, ON

16Stoney Creek, ON

17Stoney Creek, ON

18Stoney Creek, ON

19Stoney Creek, ON

20Stoney Creek, ON

21Stoney Creek, ON

22Stoney Creek, ON

23Stoney Creek, ON

24Stoney Creek, ON

25Stoney Creek, ON

26Stoney Creek, ON

27Stoney Creek, ON

28Stoney Creek, ON

29Stoney Creek, ON

30Stoney Creek, ON

31Stoney Creek, ON

32Stoney Creek, ON

33Stoney Creek, ON

34Stoney Creek, ON

35Stoney Creek, ON

36Stoney Creek, ON

37Stoney Creek, ON

38Stoney Creek, ON

39Stoney Creek, ON

40Stoney Creek, ON

41Stoney Creek, ON

42Stoney Creek, ON

42AStoney Creek, ON

43Stoney Creek, ON

44Stoney Creek, ON

45Stoney Creek, ON

46Stoney Creek, ON

47Stoney Creek, ON

48Stoney Creek, ON



51Stoney Creek, ON

52Stoney Creek, ON

53Stoney Creek, ON

54Stoney Creek, ON

55Stoney Creek, ON

56Stoney Creek, ON

57Stoney Creek, ON

58Stoney Creek, ON

59Stoney Creek, ON

60Stoney Creek, ON

61Stoney Creek, ON

62Stoney Creek, ON

63Stoney Creek, ON

64Stoney Creek, ON

65Stoney Creek, ON

66Stoney Creek, ON

67Stoney Creek, ON

68Stoney Creek, ON

69Stoney Creek, ON

70Stoney Creek, ON

71Stoney Creek, ON

72Stoney Creek, ON

73Stoney Creek, ON

74Stoney Creek, ON

75Stoney Creek, ON

76Stoney Creek, ON

77Stoney Creek, ON



78Stoney Creek, ON

79Stoney Creek, ON


80Stoney Creek, ON


81Stoney Creek, ON

82Stoney Creek, ON

83Stoney Creek, ON

84Stoney Creek, ON

85Stoney Creek, ON

86Stoney Creek, ON

87Stoney Creek, ON

88Stoney Creek, ON

89Stoney Creek, ON

90Stoney Creek, ON

91Stoney Creek, ON

92Stoney Creek, ON

93Buffalo, NY


95Buffalo, NY

96Buffalo, NY

97Buffalo, NY

98Buffalo, NY

99Buffalo, NY

100Buffalo, NY

101Buffalo, NY

102Buffalo, NY





107Stoney Creek, ON

108Stoney Creek, ON

109Stoney Creek, ON

110Stoney Creek, ON

111Stoney Creek, ON

112Stoney Creek, ON

113Stoney Creek, ON

114Stoney Creek, ON

115Buffalo, NY

116Buffalo, NY

117Buffalo, NY

118Buffalo, NY

119Buffalo, NY

120Buffalo, NY

121Buffalo, NY

122Buffalo, NY

123Buffalo, NY

124Buffalo, NY

125Buffalo, NY

126Buffalo, NY

127Stoney Creek, ON

128Stoney Creek, ON

129Stoney Creek, ON

130Stoney Creek, ON

131Stoney Creek, ON

132Stoney Creek, ON

133Stoney Creek, ON

134Stoney Creek, ON

135Stoney Creek, ON

136Stoney Creek, ON

137Stoney Creek, ON

138Stoney Creek, ON

139Stoney Creek, ON

139AStoney Creek, ON

139BStoney Creek, ON

139CStoney Creek, ON

140Stoney Creek, ON

141Stoney Creek, ON

141AStoney Creek, ON

142Stoney Creek, ON

143Stoney Creek, ON

144Stoney Creek, ON

144AStoney Creek, ON

145Stoney Creek, ON

145AStoney Creek, ON

146Stoney Creek, ON

147Stoney Creek, ON

148Stoney Creek, ON

149Stoney Creek, ON

150Stoney Creek, ON

151Stoney Creek, ON

152Stoney Creek, ON

153Stoney Creek, ON

154Stoney Creek, ON

174Stoney Creek, ON

175Stoney Creek, ON

176Stoney Creek, ON

177Stoney Creek, ON

178Stoney Creek, ON

179Stoney Creek, ON

180Stoney Creek, ON

181Stoney Creek, ON

182Stoney Creek, ON

183Stoney Creek, ON

184Stoney Creek, ON

185Stoney Creek, ON

186Stoney Creek, ON

187Stoney Creek, ON

188Stoney Creek, ON

189Stoney Creek, ON

190Stoney Creek, ON

191Stoney Creek, ON

192Stoney Creek, ON

193Stoney Creek, ON

193AStoney Creek, ON

194Stoney Creek, ON

195Stoney Creek, ON

196Stoney Creek, ON

197Stoney Creek, ON

198Stoney Creek, ON

199Stoney Creek, ON

200Stoney Creek, ON

201Stoney Creek, ON

202Stoney Creek, ON

203Stoney Creek, ON

204Stoney Creek, ON

205Stoney Creek, ON

206Stoney Creek, ON

207Stoney Creek, ON

208Stoney Creek, ON

209Stoney Creek, ON

210Stoney Creek, ON

211Stoney Creek, ON

212Stoney Creek, ON

213Stoney Creek, ON

214Stoney Creek, ON

215Stoney Creek, ON


217Stoney Creek, ON

218Stoney Creek, ON

219Stoney Creek, ON

220Stoney Creek, ON

221Stoney Creek, ON

222Stoney Creek, ON

223Stoney Creek, ON


224Buffalo, NY



225Stoney Creek, ON

226Buffalo, NY

227Buffalo, NY

228Buffalo, NY



231Buffalo, NY

232Buffalo, NY

233Buffalo, NY

234Buffalo, NY

235Stoney Creek, ON

236Buffalo, NY

237Buffalo, NY


238Buffalo, NY

239Buffalo, NY

240Buffalo, NY

241Buffalo, NY

242Buffalo, NY

243Buffalo, NY


245Buffalo, NY

246Buffalo, NY

247Stoney Creek, ON

248Stoney Creek, ON

249Stoney Creek, ON

250Stoney Creek, ON

251Stoney Creek, ON

252Buffalo, NY

253Buffalo, NY

254Buffalo, NY

255Buffalo, NY

256Buffalo, NY

257Buffalo, NY


259Stoney Creek, ON

260Stoney Creek, ON

261Stoney Creek, ON

262Stoney Creek, ON

263Buffalo, NY

264Buffalo, NY

265Buffalo, NY

266Buffalo, NY

267Buffalo, NY

268Buffalo, NY

269Buffalo, NY

270Buffalo, NY

271Buffalo, NY

272Buffalo, NY

273Buffalo, NY

274Stoney Creek, ON

275Stoney Creek, ON





280Stoney Creek, ON

281Stoney Creek, ON

282Stoney Creek, ON

283Stoney Creek, ON

284Stoney Creek, ON

285Stoney Creek, ON

286Stoney Creek, ON


288Stoney Creek, ON

289Stoney Creek, ON


290Stoney Creek, ON

291Stoney Creek, ON

292Stoney Creek, ON

293Stoney Creek, ON

294Stoney Creek, ON

295Stoney Creek, ON

296Stoney Creek, ON

297Stoney Creek, ON

298Stoney Creek, ON

299Stoney Creek, ON

300Stoney Creek, ON

301Stoney Creek, ON

302Stoney Creek, ON

303Stoney Creek, ON

304Stoney Creek, ON

305Stoney Creek, ON

306Stoney Creek, ON

307Stoney Creek, ON

308Stoney Creek, ON

309Stoney Creek, ON

310Stoney Creek, ON

311Stoney Creek, ON

312Stoney Creek, ON

313Stoney Creek, ON

314Stoney Creek, ON

315Stoney Creek, ON

316Stoney Creek, ON

317Stoney Creek, ON

318Stoney Creek, ON


1. IDENTIFICATION: All participants are required to register prior to becoming an “Approved Bidder.” All Participants are required to give full name; permanent street address (P.O. Boxes will NOT be accepted or approved); phone number(s); email address, valid credit card and business name and banking information. Subsequent to registration on Bidspotter, approval to bid is at our discretion. 

2. DEPOSITS: All Online Registrants will be required to submit the requested Information, including: Drivers License Number and valid credit card in order to be “Approved.” (a pre-authorization on your credit card of 10% of your requested bidding. Your credit card will not be billed and just preauthorized for 10% of your request or a minimum of $1000). NO EXCEPTIONS. OVERSEAS BUYERS must submit a refundable deposit of $5000 to be approved to bid, or have arrangements made with our office to be “Approved” to bid. 

3. PAYMENT: Invoices must be paid in full after Sale unless otherwise specified. A BUYER`S PREMIUM OF 15% WILL BE APPLIED TO INVOICE IN ADDITION TO THE SALES PRICE. Where required by law, ANY APPLICABLE SALES TAX WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL SALES UNLESS BUYER HAS PROPER EXEMPTION. Business and Personal checks may not be accepted without a letter of verification from your bank. CREDIT CARD payment (VISA or MASTERCARD ONLY) is accepted with an extra 3% premium. NO MERCHANDISE WILL BE RELEASED UNTIL INVOICE IS FULLY PAID. 

4. MANNER OF PAYMENT: Invoices will be emailed within 24 hours of the auction end date. If you are the successful bidder, your credit card will be charged as follows: for amounts less than $5000 the entire balance is due immediately unless otherwise specified by you, the successful bidder; for amounts greater than $5000-a 25% deposit is due immediately and the remaining balance is due within 48 hours either by Cash, Certified Check, bank draft, Visa, or MasterCard. The full purchase price on all lots sold to the same buyer must be paid within the time specified and prior to the removal of any goods. All certified checks and bank drafts for deposit and balances due shall be payable to the order of Stronghold Equipment Co. For wire transfers, please contact the Stronghold Equipment Co. for the pertinent information. 

5. REMOVAL: All purchases MUST be removed as herein listed: Small Items (Perishable Tools, Machine Parts & Accessories, Etc.) are to be REMOVED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF THE AUCTION. WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR SMALL, CARRIABLE ITEMS LEFT ON PREMISES ONE DAY AFTER SALE. Standard Items (Machinery & Equipment) must be removed during announced removal period. 

6. Purchases may be removed only on presentation of paid bill. Removal shall be at the expense, risk and liability of the purchaser. Auctioneer shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the time allowed. For items with rigging fees, all pickups must be made by appointment. Please contact the in house rigging coordinator at 905-971-8265. 

7. CONDITION OF ARTICLES SOLD: Neither the auctioneer nor the seller shall be responsible for the correct description, genuineness, authenticity of, or defect in any lot. Information was / has been provided from sources deemed reliable and Stronghold Equipment Co. makes no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information herein contained. No sale shall be set aside nor allowance made on account of any incorrectness, error in cataloging, or any imperfection not noted. DESCRIPTIONS AND PHOTO’S ARE NOT GUARANTEED. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE FOR THE OPEN INSPECTION PERIOD. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect before bidding. TO AVOID CONFUSION, PARTICIPANTS ARE BIDDING ON ITEMS LISTED IN THE LOT DESCRIPTIONS AND NOT ALL ITEMS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS. NO DEDUCTION ALLOWED ON DAMAGED ARTICLES, ALL ARTICLES BEING EXPOSED FOR PUBLIC EXHIBITION, AND SOLD "AS IS" AND WITHOUT RECOURSE. ARTICLES ARE NOT WARRANTED AS MERCHANTABLE OR FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NO CLAIM MAY BE MADE BY PURCHASER RELATING TO THE CONDITION OR USE OF ARTICLES PURCHASED OR FOR PROXIMATE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING THEREFROM. 

8. SAFETY DEVICES: Articles purchased may not incorporate approved activating mechanisms, operating safety devices or safety guards, as required by OSHA, CCOHS or otherwise. It is purchaser`s responsibility that articles purchased be so equipped and safeguarded to meet OSHA and any other requirements before placing such articles into operation. 

9. INDEMNIFICATION: Purchaser shall defend and indemnify and hold auctioneer and seller harmless from and against all claims and liabilities relating to the condition of, removal of, or use of the articles purchased or failure of user to follow instructions, warnings or recommendations of the manufacturer, or to comply with federal, state or provincial, and local laws applicable to such articles, including OSHA requirements, and Environmental Protection Agency requirements, or for proximate or consequential damages, costs or legal expenses arising there from. 


11. RESPONSIBILITY FOR NON-DELIVERY: Neither the auctioneer nor the seller, in any event, shall be liable for non-delivery or for any other matter or thing, to any purchaser of any lot, other than for the return to the purchaser of the deposit or sum paid on said lot, should the purchaser be entitled thereto. 

12. COMPLIANCE WITH TERMS OF SALE: In default of payment of bills in full within the time therein specified, the auctioneer in addition to all other remedies allowed by law, may retain all monies received as deposit or otherwise, as liquidated damages. Lots not paid for and removed within the time allowed herein may be resold at public or private sale without further notice, and any deficiency, together with all expenses and charges of resale including legal fees, will be charged to the defaulting purchaser. 

13. RISK TO PERSON AND PROPERTY: Persons attending during exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage of or loss to person and property and specifically release the auctioneer and seller from liability therefore. Neither the auctioneer nor his principal shall be liable by reason of any defect in or condition of the premises on which the sale is held. 

14. CONTRACT MOVERS: Stronghold Equipment Co. will be the exclusive rigger for this sale. Charges will be incurred based on individual lots purchased. Please contact the rigging coordinator at 905-971-8265. 

15. ADDITION TO OR WITHDRAWAL FROM SALE: The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw from sale any of the property listed or to sell at this sale property not listed, and also reserves the right to group one or more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two or more selling lots. Whenever the best interest of the seller will be served, the auctioneer reserves the right to sell all the property listed, in bulk. 

16. DISPUTE BETWEEN BIDDERS: The auctioneer`s decision shall be final and absolute. 

17. RECORDS: The record of sale kept by the auctioneer and bookkeeper will be taken as final in the event of any dispute. 

18. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: The auctioneer is acting as an independent contractor only and is not responsible for the acts of its principals or sellers. 

19. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The auctioneer may add other terms and conditions of sale, such additional terms and conditions to be announced prior to the auction. 

20. RESERVE: The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any and all bids. On lots upon whichthere is a reserve, the auctioneer or his assigned agents, shall have the right to bid on behalf of the seller. 

21. By registering, you are agreeing to receive our fully cancellable newsletter.

22. As per our free shipping and loading to the lower 48 states in the US. FREE SHIPPING only applies to lots that specifially state "FREE SHIPPING" in the lot listing.  You can always contact Stronghold Equipment directly to confirm whether the free shipping applies to a speicifc lot.  The receiver must be able to unload the goods off of a truck at the destination location. If the destination is a rural delivery area based on regular trucking lines, there may be a delivery charge to get the machine to the location, OR we reserve the right to ship to a nearby terminal where the goods would have to be picked up at the buyer`s expense. There is no free shipping on oversize machines (eg. Mazak HTC400, Fadal 6030 VMC etc...)

23.  In the rare event of shipped goods being damaged during shipping, the proper process for insurance on the shipment will be taken.  These processes can take upwards of 120 days.  All shipped equipment will be insured,  but no claims will be paid out until the insurance claim is accepted and fully completed.  

1 Stoney Creek, ON
2 Stoney Creek, ON
3 Stoney Creek, ON
4 Stoney Creek, ON
5 Stoney Creek, ON
6 Stoney Creek, ON
7 Stoney Creek, ON
8 Stoney Creek, ON
9 Stoney Creek, ON
10 Stoney Creek, ON
11 Stoney Creek, ON
12 Stoney Creek, ON
13 Stoney Creek, ON
14 Stoney Creek, ON
15 Stoney Creek, ON
16 Stoney Creek, ON
17 Stoney Creek, ON
18 Stoney Creek, ON
19 Stoney Creek, ON
20 Stoney Creek, ON
21 Stoney Creek, ON
22 Stoney Creek, ON
23 Stoney Creek, ON
24 Stoney Creek, ON
25 Stoney Creek, ON
26 Stoney Creek, ON
27 Stoney Creek, ON
28 Stoney Creek, ON
29 Stoney Creek, ON
30 Stoney Creek, ON
31 Stoney Creek, ON
32 Stoney Creek, ON
33 Stoney Creek, ON
34 Stoney Creek, ON
35 Stoney Creek, ON
36 Stoney Creek, ON
37 Stoney Creek, ON
38 Stoney Creek, ON
39 Stoney Creek, ON
40 Stoney Creek, ON
41 Stoney Creek, ON
42 Stoney Creek, ON
42A Stoney Creek, ON
43 Stoney Creek, ON
44 Stoney Creek, ON
45 Stoney Creek, ON
46 Stoney Creek, ON
47 Stoney Creek, ON
48 Stoney Creek, ON
51 Stoney Creek, ON
52 Stoney Creek, ON
53 Stoney Creek, ON
54 Stoney Creek, ON
55 Stoney Creek, ON
56 Stoney Creek, ON
57 Stoney Creek, ON
58 Stoney Creek, ON
59 Stoney Creek, ON
60 Stoney Creek, ON
61 Stoney Creek, ON
62 Stoney Creek, ON
63 Stoney Creek, ON
64 Stoney Creek, ON
65 Stoney Creek, ON
66 Stoney Creek, ON
67 Stoney Creek, ON
68 Stoney Creek, ON
69 Stoney Creek, ON
70 Stoney Creek, ON
71 Stoney Creek, ON
72 Stoney Creek, ON
73 Stoney Creek, ON
74 Stoney Creek, ON
75 Stoney Creek, ON
76 Stoney Creek, ON
77 Stoney Creek, ON
78 Stoney Creek, ON
79 Stoney Creek, ON
80 Stoney Creek, ON
81 Stoney Creek, ON
82 Stoney Creek, ON
83 Stoney Creek, ON
84 Stoney Creek, ON
85 Stoney Creek, ON
86 Stoney Creek, ON
87 Stoney Creek, ON
88 Stoney Creek, ON
89 Stoney Creek, ON
90 Stoney Creek, ON
91 Stoney Creek, ON
92 Stoney Creek, ON
93 Buffalo, NY
95 Buffalo, NY
96 Buffalo, NY
97 Buffalo, NY
98 Buffalo, NY
99 Buffalo, NY
100 Buffalo, NY
101 Buffalo, NY
102 Buffalo, NY
107 Stoney Creek, ON
108 Stoney Creek, ON
109 Stoney Creek, ON
110 Stoney Creek, ON
111 Stoney Creek, ON
112 Stoney Creek, ON
113 Stoney Creek, ON
114 Stoney Creek, ON
115 Buffalo, NY
116 Buffalo, NY
117 Buffalo, NY
118 Buffalo, NY
119 Buffalo, NY
120 Buffalo, NY
121 Buffalo, NY
122 Buffalo, NY
123 Buffalo, NY
124 Buffalo, NY
125 Buffalo, NY
126 Buffalo, NY
127 Stoney Creek, ON
128 Stoney Creek, ON
129 Stoney Creek, ON
130 Stoney Creek, ON
131 Stoney Creek, ON
132 Stoney Creek, ON
133 Stoney Creek, ON
134 Stoney Creek, ON
135 Stoney Creek, ON
136 Stoney Creek, ON
137 Stoney Creek, ON
138 Stoney Creek, ON
139 Stoney Creek, ON
139A Stoney Creek, ON
139B Stoney Creek, ON
139C Stoney Creek, ON
140 Stoney Creek, ON
141 Stoney Creek, ON
141A Stoney Creek, ON
142 Stoney Creek, ON
143 Stoney Creek, ON
144 Stoney Creek, ON
144A Stoney Creek, ON
145 Stoney Creek, ON
145A Stoney Creek, ON
146 Stoney Creek, ON
147 Stoney Creek, ON
148 Stoney Creek, ON
149 Stoney Creek, ON
150 Stoney Creek, ON
151 Stoney Creek, ON
152 Stoney Creek, ON
153 Stoney Creek, ON
154 Stoney Creek, ON
174 Stoney Creek, ON
175 Stoney Creek, ON
176 Stoney Creek, ON
177 Stoney Creek, ON
178 Stoney Creek, ON
179 Stoney Creek, ON
180 Stoney Creek, ON
181 Stoney Creek, ON
182 Stoney Creek, ON
183 Stoney Creek, ON
184 Stoney Creek, ON
185 Stoney Creek, ON
186 Stoney Creek, ON
187 Stoney Creek, ON
188 Stoney Creek, ON
189 Stoney Creek, ON
190 Stoney Creek, ON
191 Stoney Creek, ON
192 Stoney Creek, ON
193 Stoney Creek, ON
193A Stoney Creek, ON
194 Stoney Creek, ON
195 Stoney Creek, ON
196 Stoney Creek, ON
197 Stoney Creek, ON
198 Stoney Creek, ON
199 Stoney Creek, ON
200 Stoney Creek, ON
201 Stoney Creek, ON
202 Stoney Creek, ON
203 Stoney Creek, ON
204 Stoney Creek, ON
205 Stoney Creek, ON
206 Stoney Creek, ON
207 Stoney Creek, ON
208 Stoney Creek, ON
209 Stoney Creek, ON
210 Stoney Creek, ON
211 Stoney Creek, ON
212 Stoney Creek, ON
213 Stoney Creek, ON
214 Stoney Creek, ON
215 Stoney Creek, ON
217 Stoney Creek, ON
218 Stoney Creek, ON
219 Stoney Creek, ON
220 Stoney Creek, ON
221 Stoney Creek, ON
222 Stoney Creek, ON
223 Stoney Creek, ON
224 Buffalo, NY
225 Stoney Creek, ON
226 Buffalo, NY
227 Buffalo, NY
228 Buffalo, NY
231 Buffalo, NY
232 Buffalo, NY
233 Buffalo, NY
234 Buffalo, NY
235 Stoney Creek, ON
236 Buffalo, NY
237 Buffalo, NY
238 Buffalo, NY
239 Buffalo, NY
240 Buffalo, NY
241 Buffalo, NY
242 Buffalo, NY
243 Buffalo, NY
245 Buffalo, NY
246 Buffalo, NY
247 Stoney Creek, ON
248 Stoney Creek, ON
249 Stoney Creek, ON
250 Stoney Creek, ON
251 Stoney Creek, ON
252 Buffalo, NY
253 Buffalo, NY
254 Buffalo, NY
255 Buffalo, NY
256 Buffalo, NY
257 Buffalo, NY
259 Stoney Creek, ON
260 Stoney Creek, ON
261 Stoney Creek, ON
262 Stoney Creek, ON
263 Buffalo, NY
264 Buffalo, NY
265 Buffalo, NY
266 Buffalo, NY
267 Buffalo, NY
268 Buffalo, NY
269 Buffalo, NY
270 Buffalo, NY
271 Buffalo, NY
272 Buffalo, NY
273 Buffalo, NY
274 Stoney Creek, ON
275 Stoney Creek, ON
280 Stoney Creek, ON
281 Stoney Creek, ON
282 Stoney Creek, ON
283 Stoney Creek, ON
284 Stoney Creek, ON
285 Stoney Creek, ON
286 Stoney Creek, ON
288 Stoney Creek, ON
289 Stoney Creek, ON
290 Stoney Creek, ON
291 Stoney Creek, ON
292 Stoney Creek, ON
293 Stoney Creek, ON
294 Stoney Creek, ON
295 Stoney Creek, ON
296 Stoney Creek, ON
297 Stoney Creek, ON
298 Stoney Creek, ON
299 Stoney Creek, ON
300 Stoney Creek, ON
301 Stoney Creek, ON
302 Stoney Creek, ON
303 Stoney Creek, ON
304 Stoney Creek, ON
305 Stoney Creek, ON
306 Stoney Creek, ON
307 Stoney Creek, ON
308 Stoney Creek, ON
309 Stoney Creek, ON
310 Stoney Creek, ON
311 Stoney Creek, ON
312 Stoney Creek, ON
313 Stoney Creek, ON
314 Stoney Creek, ON
315 Stoney Creek, ON
316 Stoney Creek, ON
317 Stoney Creek, ON
318 Stoney Creek, ON
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