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Fisher Scientific Isotemp Series 7" x 7" Ceramic Top Stirring Hotplate Model 11-101-49SH

Fisher Scientific Isotemp Series 7" x 7" Ceramic Top Stirring Hotplate Model 11-101-49SH

Fisher Scientific Isotemp Series 7" x 7" Ceramic Top Stirring Hotplate Model 11-101-49SH

Fisher Scientific Power Gen 1000 H mogenizer , With Stand, Shaft And Slotted Workhead.

Lab-Line Pyro-Magnestir Model 1266 Magnetic Hot Plate / Stirrer

New Brunswick Innova 2100 Open Air Orbital Shaker sn SI21AP700030 **Former Lot 71**

Shel Lab Model SHC10, 10.0 Cu.Ft. (283.2L) Benchtop Envionmental Chamber Temp Range 40°C-70°C, Humidity Range 40%-95% Location 318

VWR Dual Glassdoor Refrigerator Model MH4955-GARE-VW, Cat# 89209-838, **Note: Compressor Issue Does Not Cool**

VWR / E-C Apparattus VWR105 Electrophoresis Power Supply sn BD030468

New Brunswick Innova 2100 Open Air Orbital Shaker sn SI21CL200277

New Brunswick Model INNOV-43R 6L Capacity Top Loading Incubator/Shaker With Refrigeration pn M1320-0004, sn SI43CJ000257

Lauda Model WK1200 Recirculating Chiller Catalog Number LWG-733, sn LWG733-13-0005

New Brunswick Scientific 1,000ML Reactor Vessel, With Aggitation

VWR 7" x 7" Hot Plate Stirrer Model 97042-714

Lauda Model MC600 Recirculating Chiller Catalog Number LWM420, sn LWM420-14-0005

Lauda WK1200 Series Recirculating Chiller Model LWG733, LWG733-13-0004

Fisher Scientific Mini Lab Refrigerator, Model 97-920-1, serial 1103-081

Fisher Scientific Mini Refrigerator Model 3556FS, serial 1422091245656, 120V/60Hz/1am/1ph

Model Innova 4430 Incubator shaker, mfg number M1243-004, serial number 100626047, runs on 120v/1ph/50-60hz, VA1800.

New Brunswick Scientific Classic Series C2 Platform Shaker, with onboard touchpad digital display controls, stainless steel shaking platform, mfg ...

2013 Thermo Scientific Heraeus Pico 21 Benchtop Centrifuge Catalog # 75002416, sn 41546058 With 24 x 4g Capacity 14,800 RPM Rotor Model 75003424

Eppendorf 5415D Benchtop Centrifuge Model 5425 sn 0071702 With Eppendorf Model F45-24-11 24 x 3.75g 13,200RPM Rotor ** Note Does Not Power On**

Techne Hybridiser HB-1D Part Number FHB1DQ sn 96959-9

Pall / Micro Reactor Technologies Micro-24 Micro Reactor

Eppendorf Model 5415C 14,000RPM Benchtop Centrifuge With Model F-45-18 18-Position Rotor sn 66465

Boekel Grant Model PB-60 Digital Water Bath sn 0305-00917

Techne MDB-3D Dri-Block Incubator Model FDB03DP w/ (3) 20 Position Aluminum Blocks sn 107184-20

VWR Scientific / Boekel Model 230400 Heated Scientific Rotating Hybridization Oven, Max Temp 100 Degrees C, sn 01182

VWR / Henry Troemner HeatBlock I Model 949035 Single Dry Block Incubator w/ (1) Aluminum Heat Block Catalog Number 13259-050

VWR / Henry Troemer 370 Series Hot Plate Stirrer Model 33918-239

Barnstead Model FM109515 Fluorometer sn 1095021069178 120V, 1ph, 50/60Hz

Centrifuge 2014 ThermoFisher Scientific Sorvall Legend XF Refrigerated Centrifuge Catalog # 75004533 sn 41620883 with Thermo TX-1000 Swing Basket ...

LKB 7800 Series Model 7801-B KnifeMaker 25mm and 38mm Glass Knife Maker

VWR / Sheldon Manufacturing Model 1310 Benchtop Gravity Convection Oven sn 0100703

Boekel Scientific Model ORS-200 Digital Heated Waterbath

Wave Biotech Base2050EH Heated Bio Reactor Base w/ Rocking Agitation

VWR Sheldon MFG Mdl 1245 Water Bath sn 1200202 ***Note No Power***

Techne DB-3D FDB03DP 3-Position Dri-Block Incubator sn 100339-20 w/ (1) Aluminum Block

(2) VWR Scientific Galaxy Mini Model C-1213 Mini Centrifuges, (1) VWR Scientific Model C-1200 Mini Centrifuge

Biotek Model ELx405 Microplate Washer sn 256312

(2) Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 2 Model G-560 Vortexers

(2) Fisher Scientific Model 05-090-128 Mini Centrifuges, (1) Phenix QuikSpin Model IR Micro Centrifuge

VWR Accu Power Model 300 Digital Power Supply With (1) Owl Separation Systems 0-150V Electrophoresis Gel Cell

Thermolyne / Barnstead 16500 Series (3) Position Dri-Bath Incubator w/ No Block, Model DB16525, sn 810970267032

E-C Apparatus Model EC105 Electrophoresis Power Supply sn 47628, With (1) Electrophoresis Gel Cell

Spex CertiPrep 2000-115 Geno / Grinder, 115V, 1ph, 60Hz, sn 01007

Lab-line Model 3527 Bench Top Orbital Incubator Shaker

VWR Scientific / Sheldon Labs Model 1204 Water Bath

Eppendorf InjectMan NI 2 Micro Manipulator: Work Range 20mm, With (1) Eppendorf 5181 Micro Injector Unit

Barnstead / Thermolyne Model 137925 Single Door Benchtop Analog Incubator sn 379990163014

Affymetrix GeneChip Fluidics Station 450 Part Number 00-0079 sn 60109490

QIAGen Qiacube Robotic Prep Station With 10,640RPM 12-Rotor Position Centrifuge, and 1ml Pipetting System

BioSpec Mini-BeadBeater 96 Cell Disrupter & Shaker Product 1001

BioSpec Mini-BeadBeater 96+ Cell Disrupter & Shaker Product 1001

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