Large qty Of Gear Manufacturing/ CNC Machining/ Heat Treat and Support Equipment
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Exclusive Rigger will be used. Rigging cost listed for each lot will be added to invoice. Approved Contractors: Exclusive Rigger: Pro-Ind...

Raymond 20R30TT Electric Stand up Forklift With Charger {Removal Cost: $200}

Raymond EASI-R40TT Electric Stand up Forklift S/N EZ-A-01-19726 {Removal Cost: $200}

Raymond EASI-R35TT Electric Stand up Forklift No Battery S/N EZ-D-03-29065 {Removal Cost: $200}

Eitel ASP-10/1 Automatic straigtening press with auto conveyor and control S/N 25430 {Removal Cost: $400}

Citizen Cincom L16 Swiss turn lathe, two spindles and gang tools, bar feeder S/N S/N X8792 {Removal Cost: $350}

Moriseiki SL-153 Lathe Twin spindle/twin 8 tools turrets lathe. {Removal Cost: $400}

Electrical cabinet Empty 6 doors electrical cabinet {Removal Cost: $100}

1998 Goff 24/48 Hanger spinner shot blast with Lot of S/S shots, dust collector, spare hangers S/N 98461-50-5630 {Removal Cost: $350}

Okamoto IGM-1ENCX Internal grinder, Fanuc control. Coolant tank. S/N 1912 {Removal Cost: $300}

Heald Automatic cycle internal grinder, Type 45G-1B, 4 spindles, 3 and 4 jaws chuck, steady rest, coolant, need paint S/N 75740 {Removal Cost: $30...

ROTO FINISH Spiratron Deburring finishing tumbler 10 cubic feet, {Removal Cost: $400}

Nachi SC050F-01 Robot with AX controller, pendant and indexing table. S/N 3112 80 1 {Removal Cost: $300}

1980 Churchill GS12 gear shaver Forward backward feed {Removal Cost: $300}

Watkin-Johnson 6C58H Continuos Belt Furnace Wire Belt 6" W x 14'L x 2.75" Opening Conveyor 10' Tunnel {Removal Cost: $300}

Tye Miles Vertical broach 36 inches stroke 5 tons {Removal Cost: $250}

Lot of precision round masters for snap gages setting or micrometer calibration {Removal Cost: $50}

Fellows Hydrostroke gear shaper {Removal Cost: $300}

Okuma LU25 Twin 12 tools upper turret and 10 tools lower turret lathe, 10 inches chuck, tailstock, Okuma control {Removal Cost: $300}

Barber Colman 14-15 Horizontal gear hobber, crowning capability {Removal Cost: $200}

Tye Miles 10-48-120R Vertical face broach, 48 inches stroke,10 tons, many spare slides. {Removal Cost: $3}

1988 Toyoda G32N CNC OD grinder, G00- 32X100N, 20 inches angle grinding wheel, 10 inches max diameter., 40 inches max lenght, lateral locator, in ...

Park Thermal Annealing, stress relief electric furnaces. 1700 F Max temp, chart controller. 4 x 4 x 8 deep. 128 cubic feet S/N P 2000 {Removal Cos...

Park Thermal Annealing, stress relief electric furnaces. 1700 F Max temp, chart controller. 4 x 4 x 8 deep. 128 cubic feet {Removal Cost: $250}

2 Granite Stones 24 X 36 & 20 X 45 inches {Removal Cost: $75}

5 Granite Stones Various Sizes {Removal Cost: $75}

8 Granite Stones Various Sizes {Removal Cost: $75}

Lot 28C

1 Granite Stone

1 Granite Stone On Stand 36" x 24" {Removal Cost: $75}

American VP-5-15-48 Vertical hydraulic broach 48 inches travel, 15 tons, coolant S/N 2949 {Removal Cost: $600}

2006 Gra Par I Multi stage parts washer and dryer. Auction part of lot 2 Kira & Nachi Robot. New process gear S/N 06-050 {Removal Cost: $450}

Adept MOD 1263 Three pick and place robot with control S/N 1263-01 {Removal Cost: $200}

ABB Six axis robot with control,pendant and base {Removal Cost: $200}

Baltech Twin heads riveting machine mounted on heavy duty base {Removal Cost: $300}

Small conveyor {Removal Cost: $30}

Colonial RG3-84 Broach grinder 100 inches C/C S/N 54J42-0584 {Removal Cost: $150}

Jones & Shipman P10/450/AB CNC OD grinder, 16 inches grinding wheel, 8 inches max diameter., 24 inches max lenght S/N M19431 {Removal Cost: $200}

Testing machine Seimens control {Removal Cost: $100}

2004 Ultra Sound testing for shaft defect. Max lenght: 28 inches S/N 101 {Removal Cost: $100}

Nortel Multi phone system with alarm system control panel, Fire System Monitoring Panel {Removal Cost: $50}

Newage Brinell 9000N hardness tester Like new, never used . Complete with hydraulic unit and table S/N 526 {Removal Cost: $50}

1989 King TT22 Press Drill MT4 spindle, 12 speed by means of pulley S/N 1119 {Removal Cost: $50}

Okuma GA-25T CNC OD grinder, Angle 20 inches wheel {Removal Cost: $300}

Bridgeport Okuma HTC-8 CNC lathe 2 axis, tailstock, coolant pump and pan, chip conveyor, Fanuc control {Removal Cost: $200}

Bridgeport CNC Knee Mill 2 axis cnc X & Y. EZ track controller S/N 2J 171694 {Removal Cost: $150}

Red Ring Automatic gear shaver, 10 inches diameter gear capacity, crowning capabilty. {Removal Cost: $150}

1996 Mazak Dual Turn 20 Chucker CNC 4 axis lathe, double spindle & double 8 tools turrets, 4000 rpm, 20 HP S/N 120854 {Removal Cost: $300}

Bryant Center grinder for shaft max lenght: 40" S/N C13722 {Removal Cost: $50}

Grinding wheels for single wheel gear for Niles and Kapp gear and spline grinder, approximately 20 grinding wheels Mixed brand for single wheel ge...

Barber Colman's Hob cutter heads {Removal Cost: $50}

2000 Fanuc LR Mate Robot Complete with controller and pendant S/N E00603325 {Removal Cost: $75}

Lot 52

Belt sander

Belt sander {Removal Cost: $50}

Flex Line All Aluminium Conveyor Duck pond conveyor 150" with 4" wide Track {Removal Cost: $75}