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Cicero, Illinois



John Gillen Company - Featuring Screw Machines & More!

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General delivery information available from the auctioneer

We offer LIMITED services to the contiguous United States (aka “lower 48”). We do not ship to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii or US Protectorates.

Our  services include boxed, and limited palletized freight options. This does NOT include dissasembly of assets.These services are also contingent on the location of the equipment and resources available at that location. You may also directly contract with your own freight company and we’ll support you with select palletization services, for a handling fee. Shipping is subject to regulation. In situations where we do not have a forklift onsite, you will have to contract with another service provider to load your equipment.

BOXED SHIPMENT is available to support you with shipment services for small purchases that can be boxed. The Processing Fee is $10 per Lot and does not include the incurred carrier rate charge that varies as a function of weight and size.

PALLETIZED SERVICE is available to prepare and load your pallet(s) onto a freight carrier, contracted by either you or us. Loading occurs at the sale premise. This does NOT include dissasembly of assets, knocking down racking, etc. It means placing your items onto a skid and preparing for shipment. The Processing Fee is $100 per pallet and includes the pallet, packing, securing, labeling and forklift FOB loading..

THIRD-PARTY PALLETIZING & CRATING is available to support you with shipment services for larger purchases requiring pallets or crates. This service requires you to contact and contract your own freight carrier. We will not release your purchase to a third-party freight carrier without a Bill of Lading provided by you.

After purchase, request a shipping quote by emailing us at auctions@heathindustrial.com. Please provide your invoice number and bidder number.

Please note that for boxed shipping, there will be a delay in processing and shipping your items. Most of our boxed shipping is done at our main facility in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. We do not transport items back to our main facility on a daily basis for shipping. Be advised that this delay may be up to four weeks. If you need your purchases shipped immediately, we suggest you contract with a third-party packing and shipping company.

Important Information

John Gillen Company - Featuring Screw Machines & More!

Auction Date: lots start closing on Thursday, February 13th at 10:00 am CST

Location: 2450 South 50th Avenue, Cicero, IL

Preview: February 12th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


National Acme Screw Machines & Attachments

Acme Gridley 1-5/8” 6 Spindle Model RB-6 Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 41707, Threading Attachment, Bar Feed

Acme Gridley 1” 6 Spindle Model RAN-6 Automatic Screw Machine, s/n B-23662-N, Threading Attachment, Bar Feed

Thread Rolling Attachment*Threading Attachment*Gears*Cams*Etc.

Davenport Screw Machines & Attachments

Davenport 3/4” Model B Long Bed 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 12979L, Slotting/Milling Attachment, Pick-Off, Noise-Tamer Enclosure, Qucchi Automatic Bar Feed Loader, s/n 92DA608 with Control

Davenport 3/4” Model B 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 12963, Noise-Tamer Enclosure, Threading Attachment, Back Finish, Bar Feed

Davenport 3/4” Model B 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 10767, Threading Attachment, Pick-Off, 4th Position Slide, Bar Feed

Davenport 3/4” Model B 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 9707, Threading Attachment, Pick-Off, 4th Position Slide, Bar Feed

Davenport 3/4” Model B 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 8327, Pick-Off, 4th Position Slide, Bar Feed

2 – 4th Position Cross Drilling Attachments*3rd Position Slide*Gears*Cams*Etc

CNC Screw Machines

Tornos Bechler Model ENC162 CNC Screw Machine, s/n 58686 & 58697 (Parts Machine), 6-Slides, GE Fanuc O-T Control

Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines

Brown & Sharpe 1-5/8” No. 2 Ultramatic Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 542-2-7816, Vertical Slide

Brown & Sharpe 3/4” No. 2 Automatic Screw Machine, s/n 542-2-5951, 2 Vertical Slides, 2 Speed

2 – Brown & Sharpe 1/2” No.00 Push Button Automatic Screw Machines, s/n 542-00-5777 & 542-00-5304, Vertical Slide

Traub Screw Machines

Traub Model A-42 Screw Machine, s/n A42/3658

9 – Traub Model A-15 Screw Machines, s/n 15/02635, 15/04910/4, 15/05396, 15/05524/4, 15/03147, 15/05153/4, 15/04866/6, 15/04915/4 & 15/16594

Lipe Magazine Loading Bar Feeds

Lipe Model 100-AML Bar Feed, s/n 7218

Lipe Model 87-AML Bar Feed, s/n 5552

2 – Lipe Model 62-AML Bar Feeds, s/n 11290 & 9425

Lipe Model 56-AML Bar Feed, s/n 6008

Hydraulic Broaches

Ty Miles 12 Ton Model MBLD24-48-120R Vertical Hydraulic Broach, s/n 960310, 48” Stroke

Colonial Broach 8 Ton Model RS8-54 Vertical Hydraulic, 54” Stroke

Oilgear 6 Ton Model XS-6X30 Vertical Hydraulic Broach, s/n 49631, 30” Stroke

Detroit 5 Ton Model VS-5-30-6 Vertical Hydraulic Broach, S/N M-73996, 30” Stroke

Saws & Cut-Offs

Fenn 5/8” Model 62 Impact Hydraulic Automatic Cut-Off Machine, s/n 52737, with Stock Feed

DoAll 13”x13” Model C-3300NC Programmable Automatic Feed Horizontal Band Saw, s/n 521-96157

Ramco Model RS-90P Horizontal Band Saw. s/n 01052

Grinders & Accessories

Blanchard 36” No. 18 Rotary Surface Grinder, s/n 10728, with Segmented Grinding Wheel

Lapointe 36” Broach Grinder, s/n 52161, with 30” Tilting Magnetic Chuck

5 – Cincinnati No. 2 Centerless Grinders, s/n 2M2H5A-430, 2M2H1L-1191, & N/A, 1-Hydraulic Wheel Dresser, 1-Manual Wheel Dresser

Brown & Sharpe 6”x18” Model Micromaster Hydraulic Surface Grinder, s/n 523-6181-2723, with Electro Magnetic Chuck

Gallmeyer & Livingston 6”x18” Model 350 Hydraulic Surface Grinder, s/n 350488, with Electro Magnetic Chuck

DoAll 6”x18” Model D6-1 Surface Grinder, s/n 39611093, with Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Harig 6”x12” Ballway Surface Grinder, s/n B-18330, with Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Boyar Schultz 6”x12” Deluxe Surface Grinder, s/n 3417H, with Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Norton Tool & Cutter Grinder, s/n 6319

Agathon Double End Carbide Tool Grinder

Hager Double End Carbide Tool Grinder

Magna-Lock 12”x60” Electro Magnetic Chuck with Control

Toolroom Machines

Leblond 16”x54” Servo-Shift Toolroom Lathe, s/n 10C329,1800 Spindle RPM, with 3-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, Inch/MM Threading

Kent 3 HP Model KTM-3VK CNC Variable Speed Ram Type Vertical Mill, s/n 845510, 48” Table, Power Draw Bar, Analim Control

Sharp Variable Speed Ram Type Vertical Mill, s/n 84110638, 48” Power Feed Table, with Power Draw Bar, Sony DRO

Powermatic Variable Speed Model 1200 Drill, s/n V920881, with Production Work Table

South Bend 10”x24” Cabinet Base Lathe, s/n 16322RKL16, with Chuck, Collets

Ramco 55 Ton Model RP55 H-Frame Hydraulic Shop Press, 30” Between Frames

Snow Model DR-1-A Drill, s/n 354697

Production Mills

Bohle Model FW75 Programmable Horizontal Production Mill, s/n 75025, with 5 – Table Mounted Kurt Vises

Cincinnati Simplex Production Mill, s/n 31121H74-0008

5 – Sundstrand No.1 Production Mills, s/n 41-927, 31-2000, 31-1358, 31-928, & 31-693

2 – Sundstrand No. 0 Production Mills, s/n 40-1137 & 40-566

Misc. Machines

Ultra-Matic Automatic Deburring System Consisting of Inclined Parts Feeding Conveyor, 48” Vibratory Bowl Type Vibratory Finishing Mill, Magnetic Extracting Parts Conveyor

RMG .200”-.500” Model SB-KS1207-02 Double Plane Stock Straightener, s/n 9304339

Minster 32 Ton No. 4 OBI Press, s/n 4-12764, with Air Clutch

Littell 4,000LB. Model 40-12 Single End Stock Uncoiler, s/n 88535-86

Denison Multipress 6 Ton Hydraulic C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 26280

Waterbury Farrel Horizontal Thread Roller

4’x8’ Bridge Type Router, s/n 0408-V6-0901 (No Computer)

2 – Patterson Wire Straightener & Cut-Off Machines

Assorted Parts Deburring Machines

Enerpac 10000 PSI Hydraulic Pump Unit, 12.5 HP


Starrett 16” Model HE400 Optical Comparator with Quadra-Chek 2000 Readout

Clark Model MDT8 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, s/n 85DT408M

Wilson Model ACC-8708 Rockwell Hardness Tester

Micrometers*Pin Gauges*Etc.

Chip Washers & Sump Retreiver

Master Chemical Model Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker, s/n 4658

Barrett 17” Chip Wringer with Clarifuge, s/n 1251698, Extra Basket

McKenzie Chip Washer with Hopper, s/n L-2474

Nobles Parts Spinner

Manor 10” Model JS-550B14 Pass Thru Parts Washer, s/n 1184

Forklift Trucks

Toyota 4.900 LB. Model 42-6FGCU25 LP Gas Forklift Truck, s/n 68433, 189” Max. Lift, Side Shift, 7700 Hours on Meter

Toyota 3,500 LB. Model 426FGCU18 LP Gas Forklift Truck, s/n 62646, 171” Max. Lift, 4100 Hours on Meter

Kalmar 3,500 LB. Model C40 LP Gas Forklift Truck, 172” Max. Lift

Plant Equipment

Large Quantity Steel Bar Stock

Ingersoll-Rand 50 HP Model SSR-E-50SE Screw Type Air Compressor, s/n 66015U97202

Sullair 50 HP Model 12BS-50H-ACAC Screw Type Air Compressor, s/n 0037804, 6591 Hours on Meter

Sullair 25 HP Model 10-25 Screw Type Air Compressor, s/n 00391247

10 HP “Y-Type” Tank Mounted Air Compressor

Corty Model 3100A Pressure Washer*Assorted Tooling*Inspection*Offices Etc.


1979 GMC Model 6000 V-8 Flat Bed Truck, VIN: T16DA9V615595, Manual Transmission, 12’ Steel Deck, Approx. 86,000 Miles on Odometer


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