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Lot 74

Lot-(3) Sections Shelving with Contents includes misc shop supplies

Lot 75

Lot-Hardware etc. with (1) Section Shelving

Lot 76

Lot-(4) Bin Cabinets on (1) Shelf ...[more]

Lot 77

Adjustable roller stand

Lot 78

No Name Bench Top Parts Washer ...[more]

Lot 79

High Speed Hammer Co. Model R-53; 6" Bench Top Drill; S/n N/a

Lot 80

Perkins Model S; Junior Open Back Press with Stand; S/n N/a

Lot 81

Darex Precision Drill Sharpener; S/n 55154

Lot 82

Sellers Type 1G; Tool Sharpener; S/n 57R917 with cabinet of tooling

Lot 83

Buehler Model 10-1010; Cut-Off Machine; S/n N/a

Lot 84

Cutter Master Model FCG-30; Tool and Cutter Grinder; S/n 1280B ...[more]

Lot 85

Dual 6" Single End Grinders on Common Stand; S/n N/a

Lot 86

Ward Model CSG/2; Hand Feed Surface Grinder; S/n N/a

Lot 87

Sunnen Model "MA"; Precision Hone Machine; S/n 2733; with tooling

Lot 88

No Name 10" Double End Pedestal Type Grinder; S/n N/a

Lot 89

Southbend 7" Shaper; S/n N/a; with Cabinet Base

Lot 90

Kearney & Trecker OD Grinder; S/n N/a

Lot 91

Fray All Angle Milling Machine; S/n N/a

Lot 92

Roll-In All Purpose Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw; S/n N/a ...[more]

Lot 93a

Lincoln Lincwelder 225-Amp Capacity AC Arc Welder; Code 7533-908

Lot 94

Webo Model BK16; 20" Floor Standing Drill Press; S/n 65/29; 14" x 18" T-Slotted Table ...[more]

Lot 95

Bridgeport Series I; 2-Hp Vertical Milling Machine; S/n 191777; Tri-Onics Model 100; 2-Axis Digital Read-Out; 9" x 42" Table ...[more]

Lot 96

Bridgeport Series I; 2-HP Vertical Milling Machine; S/n 202445; 9" x 42" Power Feed Table ...[more]

Lot 97

Carroll-Jamieson Model GH; 16" x 32" Geared Head Engine Lathe; S/n 5912M w/ coolant tank, 10" 4-jaw chuck, 10" 3-jaw chuck, steady rest ...[more]

Lot 98

KBC Super Tec Model CG412; OD Grinder; S/n 1188

Lot 99

Fadal Model VMC4020 Model 906-1; Vertical Milling Machine; 21-Automatic Tool Changer; S/n 9007390; Fadal CNC 88; Digital Read-Out Controller, 10,0...

Lot 99a

MMK TecNara Model MD-200K; 8" 3-Jaw Chuck Rotary Table; S/n 90552-Winning bidder responsible for removal from machine ...[more]

Lot 100

Arter Model A3-16; Rotary Surface Grinder; S/n 1493

Lot 101

Heald No. 72-A; ID Grinder; S/n 16663 ...[more]

Lot 102

Abrasive No. 3B; 6" x 18" Hand Feed Surface Grinder; S/n 236 with 6" x 18" electromagnetic chuck ...[more]

Lot 103

Van Norman Horizontal Milling Machine; S/n N/a; 12" x 50" Table ...[more]

Lot 104

Milwaukee No. 3; Standard Plain Horizontal Milling Machine; S/n 15 1497 ...[more]

Lot 105

No Name 10-HP Horizontal Tank Mounted Air Compressor; S/n N/a; 3-Phase ...[more]

Lot 106

Wesco 1,000-Lbs. Capacity Foot Operated Lift Cart; S/n 46907

Lot 107

Lot-(4) 40-Taper Tool Holders in (1) Box

Lot 108

Lot-(5) 40-Taper Tool Holders in (1) Box

Lot 109

Lot-(5) 40-Taper Tool Holders in (1) Box

Lot 110

Lot-(5) 40-Taper Tool Holders in (1) Box

Lot 111

Lot-Quick Change Tap Holder Tooling in (1) Box

Lot 112

Lot-Assorted Collets in (2) Boxes

Lot 113

Lot-5C Collets in (1) Box

Lot 114

Lot-R8 Collets in (1) Box ...[more]

Lot 115

Lot-Tool Post with (6) Tool Holders

Lot 116

Lot-(4) Tool Holders

Lot 117

Lot-(6) Assorted Drill Chucks in (1) Box

Lot 118

Lot-Bridgeport Tool Holders in (1) Box

Lot 119

Lot-(2) Assorted Boring Heads in (1) Bin

Lot 120

Lot-Live Centers in (1) Bin

Lot 121

Lot-Dead Centers in (1) Bin

Lot 122

Lot-Jaws in (1) Box

Lot 123

Lot-Jaws in (1) Box

Lot 124

Lot-Jaws in (1) Box

Lot 125

True Position CNC Organizer Tool Holder Rack

Lot 126

Cushman Super Spacer; S/n 3084108000B

Lot 127

Yuasa Super Spacer

Lot 128

Hartford Super Spacer

Lot 129

Kurt AngLock 6" Machine Vise with Rotary Base

Lot 130

Yuasa 6" Machine Vise with Rotary Base

Lot 131

5 1/2" Machine Vise

Lot 132

4" Inclinable Machine Vise

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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