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Pitt Meadows, British Columbia


Tradewest Asset Solutions Inc.

Mill Auction of ANBROOK INDUSTRIES LTD. - Shake & Shingle Mill

Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
17630 Fraser Dyke Rd
Pitt Meadows
British Columbia
V2X 0G4

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Important Information


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AUCTION DAY: Wednesday, January 22nd at 9:00 am 

PREVIEW: Tuesday, January 21st from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

PLACE: 17630 Fraser Dyke Rd., Pitt Meadows, BC

Contact Details:

Matt Ardiel Phone: 604-530-9351 Email:




  • Barco 550 SE Stationary Log Loader, S/N 14307, (2) 100hp Motors, 575v, 52” Grapple, 40” Live Heel Main Boom, New Engine, Spare Rotex Gear
  • Barko Stationary Log Loader




  • 13’ Boom Boat, Detroit 371 Diesel Engine, Rebuilt in 2013




  • (2) 4 Strand Log Infeed Decks
  • (2) 60’ Log Infeed Chain Conveyors
  • (2) 6’ Log Cut-Off Swing Saws, 75HP, 460V
  • (2) L-M Pantograph Hydraulic Log Splitters w/ Live Floor Chains




  • Streifel Split Machine Shingle Saws, 30HP, 460V
  • (6) Streifel Shingle Saws, 30HP, 460V
  • Clipper Saw
  • Strand Trimmer
  • 160’ x 3’ 2 Strand Block Transfer
  • Block Back Bar Cut-Off Saw, 5HP, 230/460V




  • M&H 42” Recovery Resaw, S/N 158, W/ 2 Strand Infeed Transfer
  • (2) M&H 42” Resaws w/Automatic Shake Cutters




  • (2) M&H 21” Cubers, 10HP




  • Hydraulic Pallet Press w/ Hydraulic Unit
  • (16) Shake Carts
  • Banding Carts
  • Assorted Motors & Reducers




  • 60” Chipper, 8 Knife, 150HP, Faceplate redone
  • CAE Chip Screen, 7’ x 15”, S/N 92A080
  • 100HP Hammer Hog w/ Stand and Infeed Box Chain Conveyor
  • CAE Whole Log Chipper, 19” Knives
  • 60’ Box Chain Waste Conveyor w/ 10HP SM- Cyclo, 48 Ratio
  • 70’ Twin Box Chain Incline Conveyor
  • Waste Conveyor w/ Grizzly Roll and Metal Detector




  • Baum Dresser Roots Chip Blower, 100HP, 102 RAS-JH, S/N 35944, 230/360V, High Pressure Pipe
  • Rader 30-35ESW Feeder, S/N 3345
  • 75HP Blower w/ Stand




  • Armstrong 25 Circular Saw Sharpener
  • Armstrong 25 Circular Saw Sharpener
  • Armstrong 2RH Band Saw Sharpener
  • Swing Saw Blade Sharpener, with Blade Bogie
  • Newman G-20 Tub Grinder, 7.5HP, 230/460V
  • Approx. (21) Saw Collars
  • Approx. (50) Shingle Saw Blades
  • Oregon 511A Chain Saw Sharpener




  • 100HP Hog Soft Start
  • 150HP Chipper Soft Start
  • Allan Bradley 4 Section MCC
  • Square D 5 Section Double Sided MCC
  • (6) SAF Variable Frequency Drives
  • Assorted Switchgear & Transformers




  • Daiwoo G25P 4500LB Forklift, Pneumatic, LPG, 2 Stage Mast, Sideshift




  • Cover-All Building, 42” x 63’




  • Portable Steel Loading Ramp & Platform
  • Steel Waste Bins
  • Muller 2501 Stretch Wrap Machine, 1PH
  • 5000lb Platform Scale
  • Approx (120) Concrete Blocks
  • Carolina Metal Cutting Horizontal Bandsaw
  • (6) Signode BXT2 Battery Powered Plastic Strappers
  • Welders
  • Assorted Tools
  • Bolt Bins & Hardware



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