(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3''


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(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3'' - Image 1 of 2
(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3'' - Image 2 of 2
(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3'' - Image 1 of 2
(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3'' - Image 2 of 2
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Indianapolis, Indiana
(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3''


Myron Bowling Auctioneers
(2) GRANITE SURFACE PLATES, 24'' X 36'' X 4'' AND 24'' X 36'' X 3''


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1841 Ludlow Ave.
United States

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Last day for removal is Friday, 1/24/2020.

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(7) HYDROMAT 12 & 16-Station Rotary Transfer Machines • Swiss CNC Machines AS NEW AS 2019 • INDEX ABC Speedlines • ACCU-BORE, BARNES & ENGIS CNC Hones AS NEW AS 2018 •  CINCINNATI Centerless, ID, OD, Surface & Centerless Lapping Grinders • ACME GRIDLEY & DAVENPORT Multi-Spindle CAM Machines • BROWN & SHARPE Screw Machines • HAAS, OKUMA & BROTHER Secondary CNC Machining • Complete Toolroom • Inspection • Wire EDM • Forklifts


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Myron C. Bowling, IN Auctioneer - AU01026590
Jeff Luggen, IN Auctioneer - AU01051612 



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