(Lot) Collets


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VALENCIA , California
(Lot) Collets


MRI Auctions - Tauber Arons
(Lot) Collets


Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
29057 & 29095 AVENUE PENN
United States

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Important Information

BidSpotter Customer Service Support Department

To reach a member of our qualified support staff regarding information or questions pertaining to the bidding process; please reach us by phone or email.

Terms and Conditions





*Register on this site to bid online only.  If you will be physically coming to the sale, you must register at the auction in person, rather than online.   If you are registering online, please include a fax number or email address that your invoice can be sent to.


******All sales in U.S. dollars only!!******


*All descriptions are believed to be correct, but no guarantees or warranties are made by auctioneer as to nomenclature or age. Everything sold on an "as is" basis.


*Please remember that a bid is a verbal contract; once you become the successful bidder, you must pay for your items.  If you find that the riggers you contact are charging you high fees, that doesn’t mean that you can abandon your items.  Once you win, you are responsible for paying.


*A deposit of 25% (of what you actually bid on or intend to bid on) in cash, cashier’s check, credit card account authorization, company check or company purchase order is required of each bidder.  In the case of a credit card account authorization, your account number must be entered as part of the process of registering to bid.  If you do not have a credit card, please call our office at 323-851-2008 and make arrangements to overnight a check to our office in order to bid.


***FULL AND FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN CASH, CASHIER’S CHECK, WIRE TRANSFER OR COMPANY CHECK (with specifically worded bank letter) ONLY. ***  PAYMENT MUST BE MADE, OR WIRE INITIATED, BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS THE DAY AFTER THE SALE.  Credit card authorization and company checks (not accompanied by bank letters) are for deposit only, and in the case of company checks (not accompanied by bank letters), will be returned to you once full payment in cash, cashier’s or wire transfer is made.


*If you plan on using a company check for payment, it MUST be accompanied by a bank letter worded EXACTLY thus: "This letter is being written to confirm that {Enter name} Bank agrees to IRREVOCABLY GUARANTEE check number {x}, written from the account of {buyers’ name} for an amount up to {amount higher than what is successfully bid on at auction}."  If your bank letter does not conform to this template, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.







VALENCIA, CA Sales Tax: 9.5%


*For those doing business in California:  The only way to be exempt from sales tax is to furnish us with a copy of your resale license.  Simply telling us your resale number is not sufficient; you must provide an actual copy for our records.  We do not keep resale licenses on file at the office.  In addition, your resale license must have current information, including the name of your company and address.  If the name and address on your resale license don’t match the name and address you register with, that license is unacceptable.


If your business card and/or business name don’t explicitly state that you are in the business of buying and selling the type of machinery you are buying from us, we may choose to refuse your resale license.  In other words, if you are in the business of wood working and you buy office furniture at our auction, do not expect to have your resale license accepted.  You may want to provide us with a copy of an ad for your company, demonstrating that you are in the business of buying and selling the type of equipment you are purchasing from us, as proof.  We reserve the right to deny any resale license that appears questionable.


*For those doing business outside of California: The only way to be exempt from sales tax is to furnish us with a copy of your Bill of Lading, demonstrating that the items purchased at auction have crossed state lines.  Do not fax us a copy of your state resale license; California doesn't accept resale licenses from other states.  Also, moving the items across a state border yourself doesn’t count.  You must have a common carrier move the items, and then give you a Bill of Lading which you then send us a copy of.


In addition, we do not accept documentation for crossing a country border.  If you are shipping your items out of the USA directly from California, you must pay the sales tax.  If you wish to move the items into another USA state first, we will accept that Bill of Lading for sales tax exemption.


***IMPORTANT***In ALL cases, without exception, if you cannot furnish us with the required tax exemption proof BEFORE payment is made, then you MUST pay the tax.  If you can furnish us with the required documentation after payment is made, but within 21 days of the sale, a refund will be promptly issued.  There are NO exceptions to this.  If you make a wire transfer to us, or obtain a cashiers’ check, without including the tax and before giving us the required documents, you will not be allowed to remove any equipment until the situation is corrected.  Obviously, if you are relying on a Bill of Lading for tax exemption, you will not be able to provide copies of documents until after the items are moved, and so please be aware of this rule when making payment.  Also, we remit the sales tax we collect to the Board of Equalization on a monthly basis, so if you take longer than 21 days to get tax exemption proof to us, it will be too late: we will not take steps to try and retrieve your sales tax from the Board of Equalization once the taxes are turned in.


***If we have any doubts as to the veracity of tax exemption claims, we reserve the right to refuse tax exemption status.***



Removal of lots is entirely the responsibility of the bidder.  We do not package, load or ship.  It is up to you to hire a rigger or otherwise provide for the removal of your items.


Additionally, if you are moving items out of the country, please understand that we do not act as customs brokers.  You will have to facilitate any and all paperwork involved with removing your items across borders.


While we do not work with or endorse any riggers, we can provide you with contact information for riggers who have requested that we do so:


Advanced Riggers & Millwrights

Frankie Cherry - 951-361-9187


Red Line Machinery Movers

Bernie Crist - 323-888-8772


AAM Logistics Machinery Movers

Arturo Hernandez - 323-540-6779


Beltran Machinery Moving

Gabriel Beltran - 888-815-0079


D&J Machinery Movers

Darrin Nadolski -- 626-252-1553


M&M Machinery Moving Inc.

Mike Ortega - 213-494-7581


Santa Fe Machinery Movers

Carlos Sanchez: 562-927-0020


Nationwide Transport Services, LLC

Andrew Young: 859-475-1418


Amino Transportation

Brad Kilpatrick: 682-463-0486


Logical Solution Services, Inc.

Mike Height: 732-657-7777 (Based in NJ)


ABBA Freight Systems LLC

Gary Glosser: 541-690-3472



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