Trencher Plow Earth Saw. Model H740�SN�2R2629. Mfg. by the Charles Machine Works.�(formerly Ditch Wi

In Trencher/cable plow (Ditchwitch 8020JD). Backh...

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San Diego, California
Trencher Plow Earth Saw. Model H740 SN 2R2629. Mfg. by the Charles Machine Works. (formerly Ditch Witch) Sierra Zanjadora (aditamento) modelo H740, No de Serie 2R2629
Trencher Plow Earth Saw. Model H740 SN 2R2629. Mfg. by the Charles Machine Works. (formerly Ditch Witch) Sierra Zanjadora (aditamento) modelo H740, No de Serie 2R2629

Trencher/cable plow (Ditchwitch 8020JD). Backhoes: '09 Caterpillar 420E + Case 1972; Bucket attachments + more

Sale Date(s)
Lots: 17
Venue Address
8385 Saint Andrews Av
Cornejo site
San Diego
United States

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