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105 Evans Row Cheraw, South Carolina 29520 United States

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Waukesha 7.5HP Centrifugal Pump with Mobile Cart and Allen Bradely PowerFlex Drive, Model 2065HV, SN 1000002920836   ...[more]

Triclover 3HP Centrifugal Pump   ...[more]

3HP Centrifugal Pump   ...[more]

Goulds 5HP Centrifugal Water Pump  Pump Size 2.5 x 3-8  ...[more]

Goulds 7.5HP Centrifugal Pump size 1 x 2-8 , includes control panel,   ...[more]

Fristam 7.5HP Positive Displacement Pump Model FL2100L - STD SN 100L901998  Max Speed 600 Max Presure 120   ...[more]

Fisherbrand 100L Gravity Bacteriological IncubatorCAT no. 150152634 SN 42218484Year 2017120V 4.5A    ...[more]

Alfa Laval Mass Flow Meter   ...[more]

Sentry High Level Depalletizer Slip Sheet and Frame Removal, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled loading fee $1500  ...[more]

Alliance Industrial Air Conveyor 100ft+ $1000 loading fee   ...[more]

Hartness 2600 Case Packer ...[more]

Sentry Empty Shell Denester serial number SN 1866 ...[more]

Alliance Industrial Empty Shell Case Conveyor, 600ft loading fee $750 ...[more]

Slip Sheet Inserter, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled   Asset Number 4050Manufacturer T TekModel TB3Serial Number 0005Speed 600 BPMElectricity 460V 60...

ID Tech Pallet Labeler  Model 252 PRINTER APP Serial 2521117004401   ...[more]

GE Osmonics 130 GPM RO System Model RO-54A-HR-CA216 Serial 01-412-7026A  loading fee $750 ...[more]

RO CIP Tank with Pump ...[more]

GPI 10,000 Gallon Fiberglass Tank 10ft diamter x 17ft high ...[more]

GE Osmonics 15HP Water Pump Skid Model Permeate Pump Skid  ...[more]

GPI 10,000 Gallon Fiberglass Tank ...[more]

Arrow Tank 2000 Gallon Stainless Steel Carbon Tank Model FL-AC-316 72'X1 Serial  ...[more]

2008 Ward Stainless Steel Carbon Tower 72x98, 1800 gallon ...[more]

GE Osmonics 15HP Water Pump Skid ...[more]

AccuTab Chlorine System   ...[more]

GE Osmonics Ozone Contact Tank ...[more]

GE Osmonics Ozone Injection Pump Skid   ...[more]

KHS Mineral Blending Skid ...[more]

Walker 1000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank loading fee $500   ...[more]

2018 Haselden 300 Gallon Triple Tank CIP System Stainless Steel Frame, Includes Heat Exchanger loading fee $750  ...[more]

Alliance Industrial 6×20 Accumulation Table, Stainless Steel Frame, plastic belting   ...[more]

KHS 100 Valve Filler with CSI 18 Head Capper Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Includes cap feeder, last ran .5L and 20oz PET Bottles 28mm caps loadin...

ABC 12x6 Bottle Warmer   ...[more]

Alliance Industrial Spiral Case Conveyor infeed height 48in, discharge height 17.5ft  loading fee $500  ...[more]

Sidel Aidlin Waterfall Cap Feeder Stainless Steel Frame, Setup for 28mm caps   ...[more]

2017 Hamrick 300D Case Packer setup for round or non round bottles, Allen Bradely PLC controlled, servo lane ...[more]

2017 McBrady HS600 Inline Rinser Stainless Steel Frame, setup for air or water Dimensions 10ft long x 3ft wide x 5ft highSpeed 600 BPMElectricity ...

Setup for .5L and 1L PET bottles   Dimensions 10ft long x 4ft wide x 5ft highSpeed 400 BPMElectricity 460v 60hz 3phShipping Weight 4000lb. ...[mo...

2017 Combi Case Erector Model 2EZHSDimensions 10ft long x 6ft wide x 5ft highSpeed 10-15 CPMElectricity 240v 60hz 3ph 30aShipping Weight 3000lb. ...

2016 Quadrel Techline Inline Labeler Setup for 16.9oz and 1L PET Bottles, Last ran with Filler Specialties 30-10 filler capper   ...[more]

Filler Specialties 30-10 Filler Capper Continuous Motion Rotary Filling and Capping System,- Control Panel- Bottle Size: 1/2 Liter and 1 Liter- Th...

Alliance Industrial Lowering Air Rinser Stainless Steel Frame, Allen Bradley Controls loading fee $1000  ...[more]

KHS 72 Valve Filler with 12 Head Alcoa Capper Setup for .5L and 20oz PET bottles with 28mm flat and sport caps, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled ,Spee...

2014 Pressco Fill Height Detector,  Setup for 16oz and 2L PET Bottles, stainless steel frame   ...[more]

2014 Alliance Industrial High Level Depalletizer,  Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Last setup for 16oz and 20oz PET bottles, slip sheet and frame re...

Year 2015Serial Number 339Speed 80 PPM, 160 dual laneElectricity 460V 60HZ 3PH removal and loading $2700 ...[more]

Paxton AT1200 Air Knife ...[more]

2007 Hartness Dynac 6400 Accumulation System5 Tier System, Stainless Steel Frame, Multiple Change Parts Asset Number 2454 Manufacturer Hartness Mo...

KHS Paramix Blending System, Stainless Steel Frame, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Includes Mix Chamber, Vacuum Tank, Carbonation Tank, Water Pump,...

Arcil Fruit Flavor Skid, Stainless steel Frame, includes 12 valves loading fee $300   ...[more]

Della Toffola Kieselgur Filter, Portable, Includes Control Panel, 5m² 3hl 30hl/tim, Asset Number 2613, Manufacturer Della Toffola, Model Kieselgur...

Mojonnier 72MM Carbo Cooler, Stainless Steel Frame, Includes Waukesha Model 30 PD Pump, Model MM Flow Mix, (2) 2in Mass Flow Meters, Ammonia Injec...

Mojonnier M56 Carbo CoolerAllen Bradley PLC Controlled, 56 Plate Series 60 Carbonating Tank, M Flow Mix, Hot CIP Capable, Updated DSI Controls, Mi...

Hartness Model 100 Case Packerloading fee $750 ...[more]

16in wide, several curves and transitions available Rigging and loading Fee -  $75 per straight section $125 per curve or drive section $2000 per ...

Douglas SPS75 Tray Packer with Contour Heat Tunnel Setup for Print Registered or Clear Film, 24 pack or four 6 pack bundles  loading fee $1500 .....

  • 59 item(s)

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