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Lot 1

LOT: Box of Assorted Wrenches

Lot 2

LOT: Box of Assorted Wrenches

Lot 3

LOT: Box of Sockets, Socket Drive, T-Sockets, Etc.

Lot 4

LOT: (2) Boxes of Assorted Hand Tools

Lot 5

LOT: (3) Boxes of Assorted Hand Tools

Lot 6

LOT: Box of Assorted Saws, Measures, Etc.

Lot 7

LOT: Box of Taps, Helicoil, Bearing Pullers

Lot 8

LOT: Bench Vise, Assorted Clamps

Lot 9

Black and Decker Electric Drill

Lot 11

LOT: Dunmore Hand Grinder, Glue Gun

Lot 12

LOT: Tool Box, Torch Kit, Hand Rodder

Lot 13

LOT: Pneumatic Grease Gun, Assorted Grease Guns

Lot 14

Assorted Grease Guns

Lot 15

Assorted Grease Guns

Lot 16

LOT: Sears Battery Charger, Jumper Cables, Steering Wheel Lock

Lot 16A

Pair Draw-Tite 1000 Anti-Sway Bars

Lot 17

Lasko Shop Fan

Lot 18

Lasko Shop Fan

Lot 20

LOT: Craftsman 6 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum, Shop Vac 1 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum

Lot 20A

Kent Floor Buffer Select Line 715

Lot 21

LOT: Pallet of Air Hoses and

Lot 22

LOT: (2) Trouble Lights

Lot 23

LOT: Pallet of Assorted Electric Extension Cords

Lot 24

Strapping Cart with Strapping Tensioner, Sealer, Cutter and Clips

Lot 25

LOT: (2) Steel Strapping Tensioners, (2) Steel Strapping Sealers and Clips

Lot 26

Steel Shipping Cart

Lot 27

Convertible Hand Truck

Lot 28

Hand Truck

Lot 29

LOT: Assorted Casters

Lot 30

Panasonic Phone System and Hand Sets (Wire Terminate at Box)

Lot 31

Philmore Public Address Amplifier and Speakers

Lot 32

Acroprint Time Q + Plus Time Clock

Lot 33

LOT: Microwave Oven, Skillet, Toaster, Can Opener

Lot 34

Gallo Machine Light Table

Lot 35

Contents of Office

Lot 36

Fire Extinguisher

Lot 37

Air Flo-Pro Air Handler

Lot 38

Whirlpool Dehumidifier

Lot 39

LOT: (2) Humidifiers

Lot 40

Steel Cabinet

Lot 41

Soda Vending Machine with Bill Changer

Lot 42

LOT: X-Rite Color Densitometer B 318, PH Pen, MHO Pen

Lot 43

X-Rite Model 408 Color Densitometer

Lot 44

X-Rite Model 418 Color Densitometer

Lot 45

Fujifilm Thermal Plate Setter Javelin Luxel T-900 CTP

Lot 46

Glunz & Jensen FLH 85 P, S/N 116379, Fujifilm ZAC Unit

Lot 47

Fuji Hunt Forte HQ Developer/Fixer

Lot 48

Stoesser Register System Plate Punch

Lot 49

Stoesser Register System Plate Punch

Lot 50

Plate Punch

Lot 51

Steel Shelving

Lot 52

Proactive Technology Server

Lot 53

Steel Drawers

Lot 54

Welham Metal Chest with Combination Safe

Lot 55

Xerox Docucolor 5000 with Gradco Stapler Stacker

Lot 56

LOT: Assorted Docucolor 5000 Toner

Lot 56A

LOT: Assorted Printer Ink ...[more]

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  • 60

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