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Contents to room to include Erbauer 240V double headed grinder, pedestal drill, 3 : cabinets with contents, components, tools etc as lotted per ph...

2 x Metabo 110v 230mm grinders

Metabo 230mm angle grinder and 2 x Bosch 110v grinders

2x (no.) Hilti, GDG 6-A22 die grinder (incomplete - 1x no battery and no chargers for either), with 2x (no.) Hilti, AG125-A22 cordless handgrinder...

Sealey, bench top double ended grinder and polisher with dressing tool BG150XWL and Wurth, double flaring tool set

Milwaukee (2) Electric Angle Grinders (1) Cat No. 6088-20 7" Angle Grinder, (1) Cat No. 6140-30 4-1/2" Angle Grinder

Baldor 1021W 8" Pedestal Grinder 1.5 HP, 1500/1800 RPM, 208-230/460V, 3PH

DeWalt DW758 8" Bench Grinder 3600 RPM, 5/8" Arbor, 120V, 1PH

DeWalt DW758 8" Pedestal Grinder 3600 RPM, 5/8" Arbor, 120V, 1PH

Sunex Tools 5002A 8" Bench Grinder 3/4 HP, 3450 RPM, 5/8 Arbor, 115V, 1PH

Themag J7 Tool Post Grinder 7500 RPM, 1300 Watt, 115V S/N 5618

2000 Vectrax JL-818SA 8x18 Surface Grinder 8" Wheel Dia., 3500 Spindle RPM, 2 HP, Suburban Tool 8" x 18" Magnetic Chuck, 220V, 3PH S/N 11987

Mattison 20x60 Surface Grinder 20" Dia. Wheel, 1150 RPM Spindle Motor, 30 HP, Kanetsu 20" x 59" Magnetic Chuck, 18" x 80" T-Slotted Table, 440V, 3...

Harig 618 Ballway 6x18 Surface Grinder 7.5" Wheel Dia., 3425 Spindle RPM, 1.5 HP, 6" x 18" Magnetic Chuck, Mitutoyo KA-200 Counter DRO, 230V, 3PH

Okamoto Grind-X #ACC 16-32ST 16x32 3-Axis Automatic Surface Grinder 12" Dia. Wheel, 1800 Spindle RPM, 5 HP, Kanetsu 16" x 32" Magnetic Chuck, 37.5...

Lot of Pneumatic Tools to Include (1) 1/4" Die Grinder, (1) K&E 1/2" Ratchet Wrench, (1) 1/2" Impact Wrench, (1) Florida Pneumatic 7" Needle Scale...

Location: Fridley, MN Loading Fee: $4,000 Make: Blanchard Click HERE for Video! CD Type Stone Holder (Holders Included) Ser #: 10137 Year: 1961 Mo...

Location: Manchester, TN Loading Fee:  $10,000 Estimate from Local Rigger. Buyer to pay Rigger directly. Note From Seller: Good running condition...

Tool Master bench type double grinder

Setco 3" double end grinder, on stand [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot of (2) Double end grinders including: (1) Rockwell 10" and (1) Baldor 6", both on stands [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Baldor 8" double end grinder, on stand, 3/4" hp [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Delta double end grinder with wood table 8' X 4' and Wilton 6" vise [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 194

Pneu Tools

Lot of (12) pnuematic tools including: grinders, sanders and scrappers [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 196

Pneu Grinders

Lot of (6) Pnuematic grinders [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 206

Disc Grinders

Lot of (5) Disc geinders: (2) Makita, (2) Metabo and (1) DeWalt [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 211

Disc Grinders

Lot of (5) assorted Metabo electric grinders [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 212

Disc Grinders

Lot of (4) assorted Milwaukee rt. angle grinders [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 213

Disc Grinders

Lot of (4) assorted Milwaukee rt. angle grinders [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 214

Disc Grinders

Milwaukee rt. angle grinder, model 6060, [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 222

Disc Grinders

Lot of (3) assorted grinders: (2) Milwaukee and (1) Black and Decker [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Lot 231

Disc Grinders

Lot of (3) assorted grinders including: (1) straight and (2) rt. angle [LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Milwaukee grinder, model 5091, s/n W699, LOC: Pulp Mill Maintenance Shop]

Dbl. End Grinder

Powermate drill press, model 1150A, s/n 9215103, with Milwaukee double end grinder on stand [LOC: Pulp Mill Electrical Shop]

Greenlee 2 door rolling cabinet with assorted wrenches and (2) electric grinders [LOC: Power Plant Shop]

Lot 466

Power Tools

Large lot of assorted tools consisting of: saws, grinders, drills, ramjet, pnuematic tools and sockets [LOC: Power Plant Shop]

Lot 568

Surface Grinder

Covel model 80 hydraulic surface grinder, 16" X 36", electromatic chuck, s/n 80-202 [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]

Tool & cutter grinder, 5" X 8" with Dumor attachment [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]

Lot 584

Drill Sharpener

Sterling 6" drill sharpener with Darex 6" double end grinder [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]

Lot 588

Grinder & Table

Lot including: Black and Decker 10" double end grinder & (2) steel tables, (1) 63" X 27" and (1) 69" X 27" [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]

Lot 589

Roll Grinder

Voith/Farrell roll grinder, 2 wheel grinding capable, 15 hp DC grind motors and assorted parts [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]

Lot 590

Knife Grinder

Hanchett cirular knife grinder, model SK24, 1 1/2 hp head spindle, 6" grinding wheel, s/n 567 [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]

Double end pedistal grinder, 3" belts [LOC: PM 14 SHOP]