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A Group of Welding Leads
375 USD
Paterson, New Jersey
A Group of Welding Leads
A Group of Welding Leads

100 Year Old Structural Steel Fabrication Shop

Ends from
Venue Address
223 Godwin Avenue
New Jersey
United States

Auctioneer does not ship. Bidders must make arrangements for their own safe removal within 7 days of auction. These are several riggers which attend our auctions regularly.

IZZY Rigging - Martin (973) 886-5271
A&J Enterprises - Tara Casternovia (908) 797-7263
Pedowitz Machinery Movers - Ray Brunelle (917) 939-2975
Hopatcong Rigging - Gary (973) 663-4103

Bidders of larger equipment, who chose not to enlist the services of a qualified and licensed machinery rigger will be required to provide a certificate of commercial liability insurance naming auctioneer additionally insured.

Important Information

Absolute Auction
re:  DeJong Ironworks

Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment
Raw Material Stock
Antique Industrial Anvils, Vices etc.

Auction Format:  Online Only






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